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Out of all the RepStraps designs currently available, the McWire cartesian robot (Formally renamed: Development:McWire (Death March: Do not build!!!)) has been for some time the recommended RepStrap for those unable to obtain RepRap printer parts. Unfortunately the McWire suffers from a number of problems which can be frustrating for new RepRap builders. This page is here to solve the problems the McWire has and consider the Successor to the machine.

McWire Shortcomings

Speed The McWire is slow. This is due to the screw drive. This could be replaced with a rack and pinion, a stepper motor with a bigger step, belt drive, or a wider-pitch screw.

Measurements The recommended method of measuring, cutting and drilling is to print out stickers which have markings on them, and place the stickers on the materials. Stickers can be easily misaligned, and printer variances can result in missized stickers.

Structure The McWire is built on a 3/4" pipe base that is screwed together. Black Iron or Galvanized Steel can be hard to drill, and is not always easy to position correctly.

Proposed Replacement

Wolfstrap frame

Based off of the WolfStrap design, utilizing a simple wood structure and common drawer slides for linear travel. This design makes for a quickly-constructed cartesian bot allowing for a builder to get up and going quickly and easily.


Related: WolfStrap-English (translated from the original German WolfStrap)

The highly experimental RepOlaRap may turn out to be a lower-cost, easier-to-assemble RepStrap than the McWire or the WolfStrap. But does it actually work?


Tommelise currently redirects to WolfStrap.

Are the differences I see between Tommelise[1] and WolfStrap merely minor variations? Similar to the way the Eiffel page implies that drawer slides vs. smooth steel rods are relatively minor construction variations? Or is Tommelise different enough that it should have its own RepRap wiki page? --DavidCary 18:39, 3 December 2010 (UTC)

Forrest has been busy with other projects and Tommelise is bit mothballed / squirreled away off-site. WolfStrap seems to work fairly well and, since it is in the wiki, it's extensible/translatable/categorizeable. Soooooo ... point folk at WolfStrap?

If you did up a Tommelise page, it would either be a parasitic outgoing link to Forrest's website, or you'd have to pester Forrest to double-document. Either way lacks fun.

drawer slides vs. smooth steel rods are relatively minor construction variations? hmmm ... That was probably me that wrote that. Ideally we'd have parts lists for both variations. Eiffel is a non-ideal organic mass of documentation-like substance right now.

--Sebastien Bailard 19:26, 3 December 2010 (UTC)