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Tantillus R

Release status: working

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tiny, highly portable and precise 3D printer
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Tantillus R

Introducing Tantillus R.

A tiny, highly portable and precise 3D printer

R = reborn = tribute to Sublime's inspirational work on original Tantillus from 2012


May 13, 2018

  • initial release of the Tantillus R and a full documentation

Design goals

   √  highly portable 
   √  ultra low moving mass
   √  compact design
   √  commonly available parts and materials
   √  precise but cheap to build
   √  easy to build
   √  able to print with insane accelarations
   √  no ugly aluminium extrusions
   √  laser cut acrylic case (5mm)
   √  high energy efficiency
   √  Belt driven Z axis, now threaded rods
   ≈  Belt upgrades. (For those of you who just have to have belts)
   ≈  CNC milled wooden case (6,3mm)
   ≈  laser cut steel case (3mm)
   ∅  lets see what happens ;)
         √ Complete | ≈ Current Development | ∅ Future Development


Outer dimensions:

Laser cut version

  • 220mm x 220mm x 300mm

Build Area:

  • 100mm x 100mm x 100mm


  • It can print all of its own parts.
  • Designed to use Merlin Hotend.
  • Internally mounted extruder with bowden cable.
  • Internal power supply.
  • Internal Raspberry Pi with host software.
  • Static part cooling, all fans/blowers are fixed
  • Uses an interesting drive train: low cost braided fishing line instead of cheap quality belts (It wraps 5 times around the rod and then goes through a hole and wraps an additional 5 times resulting in no slip). This is a roll on roll off system with a fixed anchor in the middle.
    Tantillus R
Tantillus R

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