The Sexxy Plexxy

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The Sexxy Plexxy Documentation
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The Sexxy Plexxy

Release status: concept

Description The Sexxy Plexxy is a RepStrap, made with lasercut acrylic.
License GPL
Author tombo9999
Based-on Original Mendel
Categories Mendel
CAD Models Github
(as soon as possible)
External Link my Blog

The name "The Sexxy Plexxy" is a suggestion of a friend of mine: Lorenzo Cantini (aka Kent's_Strapper). Thanks Lorenzo :)

Be carefull: Work in progress

Wiki & Forum
Posted 1st November 2009 by Luca Dinale
Registered account "Tombo9999" on RepRap Wiki and RepRap Forum.
Started to write in the post "Nuova sezione documentazione in Italiano!".
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Plexy Vertex
Posted 4th February 2010 by Luca Dinale
Working with Alibre Design Xpress to design PlexyMendel...
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