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This page is an overview of the possibilities of rep rap printers
See all the possibilities of what to use a rep rap for.

There are a lot of great uses after scanning through many people's prints. It is truly remarkable the amount of different things to print and why someone would want to print them. This page was put together to highlight the most interesting objects and discuss uses for different people to use these prints. They range from everything from gifts to decorations. Check out the models below!


There are many cool animals that are great to print out and show off how well details appear in a small area. Sometimes as prints are in a small volume, the details due not always show up since the feeder material is a pre-determined diameter and not microscopic. The pictures below show how well animals can be modeled and printed with this printer. This is great to give to young children on their birthdays as well as modeling potential medical devices and bodies as seen in my article blogs on my page.


With an expensive cost of a new apartment or home for new graduates, a cheap alternative is to just print your own set. Is it cheap in terms of material cost and someone can design their own idea of what they like. Some have more of a gothic style as well compared to others that have a more contemporary look. It is also nice to be able to send these to friends for gifts or to sell on the side.

Holiday Decorations

Holidays mean one thing, and that's the holiday spirit that brings cool decorations. Below are some decorations that show off the Halloween spirit. The Yoda from Star Wars has tremendous detail with it and is remarkable with the accuracy of the model. The skull is also a very interesting piece as it looks like an actual human skull.

Class Projects

Many children have an elementary school project where they have to research dinosaurs. There is no better display of what someone is talking about then having the actual object in front of them. That is why this is awesome that people are designing dinosaurs and printing them right after. No matter what the school project is, it is quick, cheap, and efficient to bring an idea to life. Below are dinosaurs created with the rep rap printer machines.

Gifts for A special someone

The hardest part of having a respective other half and being in a relationship can sometimes be choosing a gift for the other person. Girls often say that it is the thought that counts. Well what takes more thought then developing a 3D model to print? This heart as seen below is a for sure hit with a potential girlfriend or wife. It is also a fun way to make something with your own design and ideas. It brings it to life and is a solid gift that someone can have forever.


A huge market for rep raps can be used in sports. There are many spare parts for either things like goals, rims, or other objects to help athletes play the sport that they love. Below is a whistle that is made to help referees either coach a sport like basketball or football. Especially when sports are fast paced and people need parts or equipment fast, this type of technology is well suited for an instant response. If fabrics will be able to be printed in the future as well, this makes the possibilities even larger!