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Things To Do

Important things

  • Create or advertise a boilerplate for a new machine that will allow easy adding of new machine types.

Not so important things

  • Check development boxes that have no status and put in unknown or change styling so some kind of border shows up if it does not have one of the significant current status tags.
  • Add Development templates to all machine pages
  • Add Mechanical arrangement category to each Development template
  • Tidy up the subcategories and Pages under Development Index --Samp20 (talk) 10:40, 19 March 2014 (PDT)

Fun things to do later

  • Correct spelling and grammar where found to be wrong, especially where this may obscure the intended meaning or pose any danger.

Done Things


Place any things that you feel need to be done on the wiki here by editing this document.

Place them in the correct section so the urgency can be estimated.

If you have completed some thing you should move the thing to the Done section.

Discussion about things should be kept on the discussion tab on this page or aired on the forum if wider consensus is needed before proposing some things to be done.

Anyone with the privileges for the task and who feels they are up to the task is invited to tackle the tasks. Most errors can be reverted so there is no need to fear accidents. However to avoid unnecessary minor edits (which you should check as such) it is advised that you Show Preview and proof read the page you are working on before you save it, finding errors in the source is sometimes hard. All registered users can do simple edits on unlocked pages. Moving and deleting pages needs admin status but leaving a request here is one way to have a task done when there is free time.