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Release status: working

Toyrap front.jpg
Toy RepRap based on the Mendel90
GPL 2.0
CAD Models
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The ToyRap could be the perfect gift to encourage a young future maker. Or it might make a great desk toy for an adult who can't wait for work to end so that he or she can get home to their own projects.

The ToyRap project is an attempt to create a model of a 3d printer to a similar scale as popular children's toys. It is based on the Mendel90 with a certain amount of artistic license taken to keep the build simple and to make it pieces fit even at such a small size.

If others are interested in the project pre-rendered STL or 3MF files are available over on Thingiverse and the OpenSCAD source code is at GitHub

The goal is to create a toy which will help to encourage the next generation to become interested in making of all sorts, especially 3d printing.

Toyrap front.jpg

Toyrap back.jpg

Toyrap rhs.jpg

Toyrap lhs.jpg