Tube Sharpener

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Tube Sharpener

Release status: Experimental

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tube sharpener for PTFE liners
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The Tube Sharpener is a tool to create a chamfer at the end of a PTFE tube as used for PTFE liners in hotends.

It can be made of a 8 mm steel rod (25 mm long) drilled on one side with a cone. Make 2 slits on that side with a saw or a Dremel.

Bore a 2.5 mm hole into the center of the other side, 15 mm deep. Cut a M3 thread into that hole and screw a 40 mm M3 threaded rod into it.


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The 3 mm rod fits into a Dremel.

At 30,000 rpm this tool makes a very smooth chamfer to any PTFE tube.

Beware of your fingers when holding the tube! Best put a washer between the tool and your fingers.