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Michael Armani is founder of Armanicreations LLC, and declares finanical interests in the company DBA: Industries3D.


Not directly for Reprap, I am developing the following technologies: -A pellet extruder 3D printer -A metal extruder 3D printer -A micro mini 3D printer using filaments -A higher resolution high-temp ceramic printer

Previously, I tried to make conductive, metal-filled, and rubbery filaments without enough success procuring manufacturers help to scale up these products.

As of 03/30/13:,193415 I am contributing to the reprap project by paying several electronics designers to develop my vision of a multi-output capable RAMPS style board named Decapede (credit user uGEN:,17192). We did not derive our board from RAMPS itself but used many of the same concepts. The Decipede has 10 high end 2oz stepstick drivers for 2A current, and one mosfet capable of 20A out 24VDC. The expansion board created specifically for reprap allows 8 NTC thermistor reads, 4 1A FET outputs controlled by PWM, 4 more with just Digital IO, and 4 free IO pin headers.