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Hi all, I am a new addict to the RepRap world having stumbled across this project only a few days before New Year 2015

However, I do have plenty of experience in automated equipment from many years maintaining, building and leading the development of automated mineral processing laboratories and their instrumentation. Currently I'm Manufacturing Manager for a small Instrument Maker in Perth WA doing everything from the hands on build to developing the manufacturing system, R&D testing and document development etc. In previous lives I've been an ISO9001 Auditor, Automation Project Manager and a Laboratory Operational Manager and have my roots as an Industrial Electrician.

Although I've done a lot of leadership work my passion is building stuff, the smaller and more complex the better. I've got good mechanical skills, electrical/electronics knowledge and can interpret/hack a fair bit of code to get what I need done. As many here would know, learning the three engineering disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical, Software is a must if you wish to develop and maintain R&D mechatronic systems. Never one to shy away from a challenge I have wilfully committed most of the cardinal sins of system engineering and suffered the consequences from it. Knowledge has been hard won and I try to share my experience where I can. I do love engineers and use them daily but personally I prefer a little dirt under my nails to a sharp pencil and calculator.

My other passion is in processes. As an INTP (MBTI) finding order, increasing efficiency and constantly learning drives me forever toward the new and challenging. As my current vocation is manufacturing, right now I'm thinking very deeply on the best way to make continuous improvement as natural and seamless as possible whilst ensuring safe pathways for the newcomer and endless options for the veteran. I was impressed with the work I saw from the Community and applaud the underlying philosophy of an open source plan to create self replication so I'm looking forward to adding value where I can.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

Current Objectives

I always have a plethora of plans running. Of course I will take liberty with my lists and change them often and mercilessly. There is always a new bright shiny object to distract me away so I never make solid commitments to myself. To others yes, to me no.

1. Build a RepRap

The hard way of course... good documentation (and rev control of it) is key to engineering quality so I'm here to audit not just build!
This is proving to be quite a challenge as the information is quite disperse. See down the bottom for a sub page dedicated to my builds and the issues I'm experiencing

2. Build Another!

I'm much more interested in the machine than the printing so I intend to build another unit almost straight away. I will need both a development and production machine at all times.

3. Service the WA Community

There does not appear to be a lot of Supplier options in Western Australia and transport is a big issue for us as most overseas supplies comes through the Eastern ports. I will work to help out here if I can. I've joined a couple of Maker groups so hopefully can look for local community to justify me purchasing stock and getting some better costing. Gotta try to spread the love.

4. Product Development

I've done a fair bit of Instrument R&D and find it enjoyable... frustrating but enjoyable!

  • I'm not a big fan of the threaded rod as it's not particularly aesthetic. Nor the frame as it is quite a difficult and expensive piece to create for the home builder. I have some ideas to be able to print these
  • If I'm successful above I'd also like to incorporate the wiring harness into the body of the machine with some ducting holes
  • I'm thinking a good cost effective Breeder would also be nice to expand our little family of systems

5. Work on our Environment

Bringing many people together to share knowledge is the essence of a Wiki. I have a lot of ideas that could be done but I will take that slowly. I respect the communities decisions and why things are done a certain way so I'm not in a rush. I will be using my sub pages to develop my ideas as this seems appropriate and respectful. I will consult on the forum before doing anything global.

Darque Sub Pages