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Stanley Ames

Date of Birth

November 5, 1979


Portland Oregon, USA




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I initially became interested in the RepRap project during the summer of 2007 because it looked like a good way to make cheap robot parts for some biped robotics I wanted to do. Since then it has become, as it has for many others, an obsession. I've built--to date--two repstraps and am helping a friend build a third.

I'm also very interested in these, not so related, things...

  • Biped robotics
  • Juggling
  • Unicycling
  • Linux
  • Chainmail
  • Science fiction
  • Global warming
  • Evolution
  • Space exploration
  • Fresh and salt water aquariums
  • Techno, trance, and punk rock
  • Sustainability and off grid living
  • Solar, wind, and tidal power generation technologies