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Let's see if this works. Here is a hat rack / coat hook I did. I don't have a RepRap nor am I likely to in the near future not being mechanically inclined. But I can make 3D virtual objects and export them as stl files.


So if someone wants to try it.


I tried it. I had to scale it down for my RepStrap machine as it is smaller than a standard RepRap. I also sliced the curved back off as it would otherwise have needed support material.


Thanks I changed the file to flatten the back and made the holes holes.

Here is a cup it may or may not work. I don't know if there are problems they will probably be with the handle. If I understood correctly it should be 120 mm tall.

I flattened the base of the cup angled the handle up a bit and added a support.



8 Sided die

D802.png File:D802.stl