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Robs Reprap Page.

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Current Prusa Build

Currently I have :=

A Prusa Mendal with a few problems.

My hot end seems to jam. I think its due to the PLA heating up and expanding in the hot end thus causing it to jam. I have a new hot end/extruder set up on the way. Hopefully this will sort out my problems. It has a built in fan to cool the unit before the hot end. I hope this will sort out my extrusion problems. Once I have a working machine I want to upgrade it to use lm8uu bearings all round.

If the afore mentioned extruder/hot end etup works I'll post details/sources here.

Once I have a working machine I'll move on to start building robots. This is the reason I embarked on the Prusa in the first place. I believe the 3d printer will be a fantastic tool for building robots.