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Professional background

Electrical engineer, specialized in embedded systems, with 14 years professional experience in this working area and another 14 years before that of unpaid tinkering and studying.

Working mostly on a freelance basis in Germany, but recently as the development manager for an electronics design and manufacturing service in Thailand.

Starting with my first computer in the very early 80's, a Commodore VIC-20, I was always more fascinated by working within the lower system levels than on the user level. Today, most people can't believe how much is possible with 3,5kB RAM...

RepRap projects

Finished building my first RepStrap in 2012. It is a wooden Prusa derivative and working now, but the parameters still need some fine tuning.

I am currently working on my own, slightly improved, version of the Melzi controller board. It eleminates some known problems, is very hacking friendly and highly optimized for cost-effective mass production. I plan to start selling it by July 2013.