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Mantis 9 Repstrap

The Mantis 9 mini-mill [1] is the product of MIT's MTM lab, and is currently living here [2]. There are several versions of it. I didn't make the real version. Instead, I made on that replaces the simple spindle assembly (which can be found on the machine's website) with a Dremel tool. This allows for less assembly and more removability. It is running of a computer running EMC2.

The author of the machine's blog [3] seems to have made some advances towards Repstrapping his machine, but has not published many resources. I decided to make the simplest extruder possible. I designed it to be very easy to make without having a 3D printer already. It is based mostly on North90's hot-end V2 and Bowden extruders in general. A Bowden extruder allows for easier mounting, as the extrusion motor can be disconnected from the actually machine, except by the Bowden cable.