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Extruder for Mendel with "complete" documentation

Status: fully working (v 2.3)

Be patient please, page is under (permanent) construction.

This page describes evolution of the my extruder for RepRap Mendel. Several months im trying to complete my reprap 3D printer. After many tries, this is what i have now.

1. its relativelly easy to build

2. cheap

3. modular (0.3 0.4 and 0.5mm nozzle)

4. designed in ISO standard

I´ll upload 3d models in Allibre format, 2d drawings in .pdf format (for machined, handmade parts) and stl models (for printed parts).

Special thanks to wades/gregs extruder (accesible version) and Mk6 hotend designed by Makerbot and many others.

Before we start, lets have some preview.

Upper part (geared/cold end) is similar for all my versions.

File:Extruder allibre zemciko v1 peek holder and no ptfe tubing

File:Zemciko gregs wade extruder v11.7z v1.1 wooden holder no ptfe tubing

Bill of materials

Hot end v 2.3.

Clear PTFE round rod 16mm diameter (about 9euro per meter, u need only +-100mm)

Brass rod 16mm in diameter (20 euro per meter) (u need only +-50mm)

Aluminium rod (diameter 16 for 4euro per meter) (u need only +-30mm)

Steel rod 40x4mm (1euro per meter, u need +-100mm)

1x resistor 6R8 3-4W (5mm diamter, 1,5euro)

1x thermistor 100k 300°C (1,9mm diameter)

wirings 2A.

2x M3x25 nuts + washers

Silicone hi temperature paste for RC model motors COPPER XST 85g (tube for 4euro).

(Small lathe, milling machine, tolls etc.)


File:Zemciko-hotend-drawings v1 1.7z 2D dravings in pdf format. Version with wooden holder and no ptfe tubing.

File:Zemciko Hotendtubed v12.7z Hotend with ptfe tube 3/5 v 1.2 Allibre 3D files.

File:Zemciko hotend vykresy v 2 1.7z Hotend made from Al and PTFE v 2.1, 2D drawings.

File:Zemciko alibre 3d v 2 3.7z ZemcikO hotend v 2_3 tested, working well, 3D Alibre model.

File:Zemciko vykresy v 2 3.7z ZemcikO hotend v 2_3 tested, working well, 2D drawings.


File:Zemciko-geared-end-machined-drawings.7z 2D drawings in pdf format. Geared end machined parts for v1 and v1.1 extruder.

File:Zemciko wader printed parts.7z STL models from Allibre. Printed parts for v1 and v1.1 extruder.

Geared end is redesigned Greg-Wader version with some modifications.

FE simulations


v 1.1 Its nice, modular nad printing. Problem is wit material leaking back into extruder...

v 1.2 PTFE tube should be longer otherwise material can stuck before tube entrance...

v 2.1 Works nice but Al nozzle is too wak and ten to crack during disassembly

v 2.2 Same as 2.1 but brass nozzle. Works fine, until u try to disassembly it, PTFE part with thread is too weak....

v 2.3 Thread was replaced by steel "collar". Look good, works good, can be easilly disassembled, when needed, and printing results are superb.


Size of holes for nylock nuts in main extruder body should be decreased. (nuts are slipping and must be fixed)

Mouted aluminum table

After some time i have decided to rebuild printng table. Aluminium plate is unawayable for me, so i bought aluminium profile 40x3mm and made mounted aluminum table.

File:Skladny stul vykres.pdf Drawing of mounted aluminium table by ZemcikO in pdf format.

U can contact me on [email protected] --zemciko 09:19, 19 June 2011 (UTC)