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Hi Daniel,

I just noticed PMS-1 going up, and I'm quite impressed.

As you can tell, I've done a bit of editing to the page.

I hope that's ok. I was wondering what you're calling your electronics?

I note that no one has "claimed" the name Generation_5_Electronics so I think that might be a perfectly acceptable name for your boards if you like. ^_^

Also, don't forget to upload all your files to before selling stuff. (It's ok if it's file but there are more sensible ways to do things, as in lots of webpages and lots of files.)

What is the RepRap scene like in Switzerland, by the way? Also, do you think you'll help table for NYC MakerFaire in September? Seeing as you're an official RepRap developer?  :D

Lastly, I'd suggest uploading a large, full-resolution photo of PMS-1.jgp to the wiki, as PMS-1_large.jpg. That way I can use it on to talk about your work after you're done documenting.

--Sebastien Bailard 08:34, 25 June 2010 (UTC)