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Welcome to RepRap.

Thank you for making the RepRap wiki a better place.

In particular:

Thank you for documenting the Adapto. I'm amazed at how much simpler and yet just as functional it is compared to the original Darwin.

Again, welcome. --DavidCary 16:42, 5 July 2013 (UTC)

Thank You

Hey DavidCary

Thank you for the welcome and feedback.

Yes i think the Adapto is very nice too and i liked how versatile it turned out to be. The only down side i can see right now it that it can only use 1 extruder but I hope that maybe someone makes other X-carriages that makes other extruder design fit too.. The reason I didn't make it fit a normal wades extruder is because that would have made the center of gravity to far away from the X rods so it would have limited the speed and quality of the prints much more.

Good to hear that you like my Adapto Design.

Thanks :-)