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Ok, I'm spam if you say so, but why? Is there an explaination? I got the impression that anyone could write here and have read dozens of iterations of people building their machines. I'm just sayin. Seems if the philosophy is to get a reprap in every home you shouldn't be shutting people out like this. Every home does not have an engineer in it.

Yes, that's true. RepRap is for everyone. Deleting spam is usually a 1-second decision, because there's currently so much of this. As you probably can imagine, I'm sometimes (hopefully rarely) simply wrong. Can you elaborate a bit what exactly got deleted? Deleted pages can be restored, but there is no deleted user page for this account. --Traumflug 11:08, 24 August 2013 (UTC)

It seemed that folks are keeping a log of their progress here. I, perhaps, used too many words. I like to think of myself as a writer. I do go on sometimes if not most times, however, most of what was written is now lost because this is where I wrote it! It's no problem or worry. I really like the philosophy of your group.

I bought a used machine. It turned out to be from MakerFarm and has Gen6 electronics. That's starting to feel like another strike against me! I'm a newbie, what can I say.

I tightened, tweaked, and calibrated (with calipers), then downloaded the software from the MakerFarm site. I got pronterface, Slic3r, and Arduino. Have run the 20mm x 20mm calibration box. It didn't come out 20x20 exactly, but it did turn out! That was pretty cool!

I then ran into wiring problems. It has optical switches for end stops. The z axis broke a lead. I ordered some new ones and got the wrong parts. Reordered and got the right ones. Installed one and was back in business. Then while leveling with the now functioning z axis the x axis end stop came unwired! Coincidentally I had purchased two new end stops but when I put the other new one in it simply didn't work. Either I bought a dud or the electronics have bitten the dust.

That's where I am as of Today, 8/30/2013. It's ok if ya call this spam and delete it. I can try again when I have better news to report! I can certainly imagine there being a lot of spammers out there. I don't want to be considered one of them. As I understand it you do this voluntarily. Thank you for your time and energies. As I said, no worries, ok?


With a bit more research I managed to find the page you're talking about. I restored it to you user page: User:Roddy792643. Cheers! --Traumflug 10:01, 31 August 2013 (UTC)