Vik's Mendel X & Z interface Bracket

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Vik's Mendel X & Z interface Bracket

Release status: unknown

Mendel x z Interface bracket display medium.jpg
A simplified OpenScad Mendel X/Y interface design
CAD Models
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This bracket combines all 11 parts for an X axis end piece and Z axis nut holder into just 3 parts requiring no bearings and only 6 screws to assemble. Two M8 nuts are used with internal printed anti-backlash springs to attach the Z drive rods. The limit sensor is glued to the face of the bracket, pointing at the X Carriage.

Pulley Design

The pulleys on the corners are made from stacks of small washers slightly taller than your belt width. These are capped top & bottom with a wider washer. To reduce friction against the M4x40 screw thread, you can insert a piece of 3/16" brass tube (from model shops) so that it fits between the small washers, which now have to be M5. The large washers are still M4. Securing with an M4 nylok nut is recommended as this allows you to leave some play in the washer stack.

Useful Pictures

20100519 004.jpg
View of end furthest from X Motor from side.

20100519 005.jpg
View of end furthest from X Motor from above.

Work in Progress

See Thingiverse Thing #1825 for instructions and download