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What would you make with it?

... Wanted Objects ...

Utilitarian Items

  • A set of RepRap cutlery
  • A RepRap paperweight/executive toy for unemployed executives
  • Unusual cookie cutters
  • Storage containers
  • A wind instrument
  • Ink jet printers with continous ink.
  • A lawn-mower bot
  • A vacuum bot
  • pieces of the open-source car OSCAR -- see ActionCar
  • solar power collector
  • open-source coffee mugGPS TrackerAksesoris Sparepart Motor
  • Mechanics of an humanpowered washer/dryer combo machine, inspired by Giradora. Yet another take on itRumah Dijual.

Robot Prototyping

Power Generation

  • A small windmill Wind Turbine
  • A small waterwheel Water Turbine
  • Silicon crystal grower (for making cheap/low efficiency solar cells)
  • Methanol fuel cells
  • Methanol producer
  • Cooking gas generator and reservoir
  • A solar water heater
  • A fusion reactor

Goods For The Needy

  • A water purifier
  • RWB Water Valve
  • Hydroponics components
  • Framework for solar reflector -- see Reprapable Solar Power
  • Drug manufacturing and purification systems
  • Automated PCR unit. Perhaps a continuation of the impressive work by Eva Harris. Also some automated mechanism (equivalent to electrophoresis) to visualise the DNA in order to identify disease pathogens, etc. Perhaps automated classification of pathogens.
  • Bio-diesel converter (from seed right through to bio-diesel)
  • Agricultural tools for smallholders
  • Soil/water nutrient measurement device.
  • Refrigerator/freezer/heat pump
  • Automated book page turner
  • Wind-up lamp
  • Educational models - mechanisms, body parts etc.


  • Disposable/recyclable surgical instruments
  • Hypodermic syringes
  • Stethoscope
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • O/P Airways
  • Endoscope
  • Ultrasound scanner
  • Collimated X-ray source
  • CT scanner
  • Pulse oxymeter
  • Oxygen generation & storage systems
  • Autoclave (solar?)
  • IUD
  • handheld medical scanner RWB/Hand Scanner

Geek Toys

  • A self-organising peer-to-peer cell-based Wi-Fi network
  • A custom keyboard for gaming
  • A Nerf(TM) gun
  • Collapsing dodecahaedron
  • Model of Tux the penguin
  • PDA With a chord keyboard
  • A Book scanner
  • Ice cream maker
  • Remote control hovercraft
  • Electronic synthesiser
  • Open Source wristwatch -- the open-source µWatch still lacks a good case.
  • SD Card
  • As close as we can get to a tricorder
  • customized laptop case

RepRap Adjuncts

  • 3D Scanner -- RWB/Hand Scanner
  • Recycler
  • Electrospark erosion system (is this the same as electrical discharge machining EDM ?)
  • Electrolysis erosion system (uses electricity to bring the substrate into solution) (Automated Circuitry Making#electrochemical machining route)
  • Generic keypad & display unit.
  • CNC hot wire cutter for materials like polystyrene, eg to be used for making accurate molds (for wind turbine blades, amongst other things)
  • Plastics factory, eg automated PLA production from corn right through to plastic.
  • Machine to draw or extrude copper or aluminium wire from raw metal scrap
  • Automated coil winder, maybe along the lines of the Gingery winder but for building motor coils (DC or steppers)
  • A manipulator of some kind that can assemble reprap parts into a machine (probably requiring parts to be re-designed for self-assembly too).
  • Organic semiconductor production factory.
  • Moulds of wax cores for "lost wax" casting, or even wax cores themselves. -- HotWaxSyringe
  • USB/serial interface.
  • Simple lathe perhaps re-using existing positioning system for movement of cutting tool. eg for machining some simple plastic parts that require rotational accuracy, etc. -- VDX Lathe, RepCNCLathe
  • Vacuum pump
  • Fluidic logic
  • A Java computer to run the RepRap software, or some other simple computer to run a port of it.
  • Vapour deposition system
  • Ceramic slip extrusion head -- Ceramic Extrusion
  • CNC winding machine -- CNC winding

Advanced Tools

  • A complete Fab Lab: RepLab
  • Scanning Tunnelling Microscope (STM)
  • LSI or VLSI IC fabricator. This could be radically different and employ simpler methods to a production line IC fab because of the reprap economies.
  • An automated chemical factory that can mix and distill multiple components, while controlling temperature and pressure.
  • Spectrum analyser (Infra-red?) for analysis of chemical compositions and testing purity etc.
  • IR Thermometer
  • Digital oscilliscope (use PC for display)
  • Swarms of microbots
  • Air/gas liquifier
  • OLED Display production system
  • Lens grinder pdf.


No idea where to put it? Put it here and we'll sort it out later.

  • Below-The-Knee Prosthetic
  • Elaborate chocolate novelties and other edible materials
  • A DVD player or some other demo item that everyday people understand that seems to have perceived value.
  • General purpose digital scales
  • Accurate scales for measuring small quantities of chemicals etc (mg resolution or less).
  • Fishing floats, lures, weights etc.
  • Passive non-return valve for liquids
  • Electrically operated valve for liquids (ball valve?)
  • Fluid pump (gas and/or liquid)
  • pico-satellite
  • Affordable head-mounted display
  • OBD-II Module to monitor car performance.

materials that a RepRap can shape

(Is there already a wiki page somewhere that lists the sorts of materials that can be shaped by RepRap?) (Perhaps List of techniques?)


This really needs a section of its own, so the RepRapArtworkSection has been created.

No Weapons!

We are adamantly opposed to the creation of new weapons. However, every single other manufacturing technology that people have come up with has eventually been used to make weapons, and there is no way to make RepRap an exception. Give people an internal combustion engine, and a few will make tanks; at least many more will make ambulances.

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