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Item Quantity Notes
2020 Aluminum extrusion, 500mm 2 One 4000mm piece of extrusion from Misumi covers everything with a *little* extra.
2020 Aluminum extrusion, 400mm 4
2020 Aluminum extrusion, 330mm 3
M10 Smooth Rod, 500mm 2
M10 Smooth Rod, 370mm 2
M10 Smooth Rod, 320mm 2
8mm lead screw, 300mm 2
GT2 timing belt, w=6mm 2 meters
GT2 pulley 2
M5 x 10mm machine screw 55
M5 t slot nut 55
M4 x 10mm machine screw 4 These are used for the psu mounting bracket
M4 x 20mm machine screw 4 For belt idlers and tensioners
M4 x 25mm machine screw 4 These are used to mount the extruder to the X carriage
M4 hex nut 6
M4 lock nut 2 Use for idler bearing assemblies
M3 x 10mm machine screw 12 Z and Y axis motor mounts
M3 x 14mm machine screw 19 3 for X motor, 4 for extruder fan, 2 for lcd mount, 4 for lead screw nut mounts, 2 for ramps cooling fan, for for y table
M3 x 25mm machine screw 6 3 for extruder stepper motor, 1 for fan duct to the extruder, 2 for tensioners
M3 x 30mm machine screw 6 4 for print bed, 2 for hot end clamp / servo mount
M3 x 60mm machine screw 2 These are used for the extruder
M3 hex nut 22
M3 lock nut 5 use locknuts for print bed mount and fan duct mount
M3 washer 10 Need 4 for extruder springs, but have some handy if needed elsewhere
M2 x 16mm machine screw 9 These and M2 nuts for mounting end stops, 1 for servo mount, and 2 for LM2596 mount
M2 hex nut 9

Printed Parts

Piece Quantity needed Model file
X end idler 1 X-end-idler.stl
X end motor 1 X-end-motor.stl
X carriage 1 X-carriage.stl
X belt tensioner 1 X-tensioner.stl
Y end idler 1 Y-idler.stl
Y belt tensioner 1 Y-tensioner.stl
Y end motor 1 Y-motor.stl
Y table mount 1 Y-table-10.stl
Z motor holder, left 1 Z-motor-left.stl
Z motor holder, right 1 Z-motor-right.stl
Z top frame, left 1 Z-top-left.stl
Z top frame, right 1 Z-top-right.stl
Z lower corner brace, front/right, back/left 2 Z-lower-brace-1.stl
Z lower corner brace, front/left, back/right 2 Z-lower-brace-2.stl
Y frame brace 4 Y-brace.stl
Idler bearing guide (two parts makes one guide) 4 Belt-guide-624.stl
Extruder body / idler / hot end clamp set 1 Extruder-direct-drive.stl
Servo mount 1 servo_mount.stl
Servo endstop mount 1 Servo-endstop-holder.stl
Extruder fan duct 1 Fanduct-e3dlite6.stl
Electronics frame mount (for RAMPS) 1 Ramps-mount.stl
Filament spool support (two pieces) 1 Filament-mount.stl
SMART display frame mount (one piece) 1 Smartlcd-mount.stl
12V PSU frame mounting bracket 2 Psu-mount.stl
Power switch mount 1 Power-switch-mount.stl

Everything Else

Item Quantity Notes
NEMA17 Stepper motor 5 4-wire bipolar, high torque preferrably
MDF board (heated bed mount) 1 see drawing for board in doc/
Heat bed PCB 1 200x300mm MK1
Heat bed thermistor 1
Glass bed 1 3mm borosilicate or picture frame glass
Controller (Mega/RAMPS, Rambo, etc) 1 Arduino Mega 2560 + RAMPS + A4988 drivers * 4
SMART lcd controller / SD reader 1
Endstop (limit) switch 3 6mm x 10mm x 20mm, “snap action” levered switch
Micro servo (9g type) 1 add wire to make ~ 70cm
LM10UU linear bearing 12
608ZZ roller bearing 2 these go in the z tops to hold the upper end of the lead screws (ok if you don't have them)
624RS roller bearing 3 one for each belt idler, one for extruder
MK7 Drive gear (or similar) 1
Brass or delrin lead screw nut 2 Probably comes with your lead screws?
5mm to 8mm flexible shaft couplers 2 aluminum
40mm x 40mm x 10mm fan 1 12V
80mm x 80mm x 10mm fan 1 For use with RAMPS frame mount
Miniature zip ties 20 This number is approximate
Extruder idler springs 2 High tension, 1” unsprung length, >3mm ID
Bed leveling springs 4 Lower tension is OK, 1” unsprung, ID > 3mm
Power Supply 1 Size appropriately for heat bed and extruder
Hot end 1 E3d lite6 or E3d v6
Power switch 1 KCD1-104N (12mm x 19mm body)