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Release status: Just begun

Woodstrap 3ds.png
Description Aim is to make a very cheap reprap/strap.
License GPL
Author Wilot309
Based-on Prusa
Categories RepStrap, wood , Cartesian-XZ-head
CAD Models
External Link http://repraprock.blogspot.com/



The aim is simple, I want a RepRap, or to be more precise, I want a ...Rap, i don’t really mind how much rep is involved as long as it’s cheap and works.

So i have decided to base my design very much on the Prusa, but replace a lot of the vitamins and printed parts with a simple wood construct.

Current work

Next job is to clean up the bits I have cut out, drill all required holes, and figure out how to mount the belt for the Y axis, then fix it together.

So far

I drew a picture in 3DS,

Woodstrap 3ds.png

The brown bits are wood, the blue bits are vitmeins (smooth rods, belts and steppers) and purple are printed parts.

I have now cut out the parts.

WoodRap bits.jpg