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X Axis Enhanced

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This page collects a few ideas on how to enhance Mendel's X carriage.

Reduce the number of bearings

The current (August 2010) Mendel X carriage uses no less than 10 ball bearings to move it on two steel rods. This is over-constrained and costs more than neccessary.

The idea is to reduce the number of bearings to make it equal-constrained. A quick sketch on how this could work with 7 bearings is shown here:

7 bearing 1.png
7 bearing 2.png
7 bearing 3.png

File:7 bearing X carriage.stp

File:7 bearing X carriage.stl

Traumflug 10:44, 24 August 2010 (UTC)

Optimize the belt's point of attack

Ideally, the belt accelerating and braking the carriage is mounted somewhere near the center of gravity of the carriage. A little bit towards the side with the higher number of bearings, if this number is different from left to right.

Optimizing belt fastening this way should reduce the carriage's tendency to jump off the rods, reduce friction accordingly and enhance precision.