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[[User:User:Maurinoweb, Marco Spaccialbelli|User:Maurinoweb, Marco Spaccialbelli]]
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ZPRep is a replicable Z probe born in 3dingegno.com by MaurinoWeb and Marco Spaccialbelli. All 3d models can be downloaded from https://github.com/3dingegno/ZPRep .

ZPRep is the acronym of Z Probe Replicable, can be replicated with any 3d printer with a good set up, can be used on all 3d printers and works on all types of bed.

For now, it must be activated with an actuator, but the mechanism of the actuator may have errors up to 1.5mm without compromising the precision of the ZPRep probe.

The actuator can be modeled on its own printer according to needs, soon will be available the actuator for the E3DV6-CLASSIC module on 3d-printer MakeXZ, this uses a mini servo to activate the ZPRep probes.

Here are the results obtained with the first prototype ZPRep printed with the Make XZ: The maximum error between the cool bed(22 degrees) and the hot bed(90 degrees) was 0.02mm / 0.03mm. We are having excellent first layers with Z offset set up on cold bed, while if set up Z offset on hot bed with average bed temperature(45/70 degrees), the error can be distributed to further enhance the first layer.

The ZPRep probe has a diameter of 8mm to fit easily, has a status LED, can be used on all types of bed, and you can print it and build it at home, but be careful... a Probe Z malfunction it could be dangerous!

Materials to Build ZPRep: If you use filaments that require hot bed and high temperatures, we recommend printing ZPRep with resistant filaments at high temperatures (more 90 degrees). For the prototipe we use the PCmax by polymaker and we are satisfied. A 2 mm steel rod (or 1.5mm/1.6mm but not tested). 2 or 3 springs we are deciding (you can now use pen springs with 4mm outer diameter or slightly less, but you have to make adjustments to the springs). A 4mm Cord End Terminal Grey A 3mm led. Two aluminum rivets 4x16 (if using 2mm rod, remove the rivet rod and widen rivet hole with drill bit 2mm) Servo extension cable(3x0.25).

Equipment for mounting the ZPRep: A well-set 3d printer Tin welder Crimp Tool, Bootlace Ferrules as a photo (or else but you have to do a good job). Use a tool to cut the 2mm stem, use gloves and glasses. sandpaper 150/180 grit or iron file. Electrician scissors Drill with 2mm tip (if using 2mm rod)

Capacities Required to Build ZPRep: Good knowledge of 3d printing in general. Good knowledge of tin soldering. A bit of patience and precision in construction and assembly ;-)

Zprep downloadable 3dmodels are the first release, it's a free project and nobody forbids it to improve it or customize it as it thinks best. For example, you can create a custom actuator or stretch the probe at the bottom (even the rod) etc ...

This is the first release, soon all the necessary documentation.

I take this opportunity to thank all free communities, especially RepRap, which was the driving idea for the ZPRep (Z Probe Replicable).