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JGR direct drive extruder

Release status: working

Description simple ,effective and highly reliable direct drive extruder for 1.75mm filament
License GPL
Author Thejollygrimreaper
Based-on Delta
Categories Extruders, 3D Models
CAD Models none
External Link Blog, webstore



This the 10th revision of this extruder, it is now located and hosted here on the wiki , previous versions were located on thingiverse

It is a very simple Nema17 direct-drive extruder which can be setup with very little effort and uses one of the many 5mm ID filament drive hobs the mounting holes are compatible with just about every Prusa I2 and I3 carriage and adapter , there are no springs and no tension to set as it relies on a fixed distance between the 623 bearing and the filament drive, this has proven itself very reliable over dozens of spools of low quality filament.




The source is done in openscad:


todo: dig out source scad file for "pad.stl" mainly for those who don't have any cork dampers


here is the most up to date stls: File:Jgrextruderstl.zip

future inprovments

- top and side mounting holes for mounting on other carriages and make it more compatible - double version - possible hinged version