RAMPS 1.3/1.4 GADGETS3D Shield with Panel

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GADGETS3D Shield with Panel

Release status: working

GADGETS3D shield main.jpg
Description Run your RAMPS without computer!
License GPL
Based-on Delta
Categories Electronics
CAD Models none
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Ever wanted to run your RepRap powered by RAMPS 1.3/1.4 without bonding computer into it?

This panel and RAMPS GADGETS3D shield will let print your G-Code files from an SD card and show you all informations about current print also live tuning is possible - everything without computer connected.

After connecting this panel into your RAMPS you are totally free of USB connection, all functions as axes moves, calibrations, setup you can done just by few rotations of knob and printing can be done just using g-code stored on the SD card.

RAMPS GADGETS3D shield mounting of this panel into your RAMPS 1.3/1.4 electronics should take just a few seconds - you don't need to be a cables engineer also your electronics is safe from damages due of wrong wiring. Also this GADGETS3D shield provide separate power for correct operating of SD card.

This is not a new idea and main panel with LCD is based on bkubicek Panel design just a GADGETS3D shield is a new invention - after we spent half of day to wiring LCD into RAMPS then we try to simplify it and also made an error free connection this is how comes idea about doing it using just 10pin flat cables connected into panel and easy mountable shield can be inserted into RAMPS board in few seconds.

Where to get it?

GADGETS3D shield + Panel including 4 rows display, 2GB SD card and ALPS rotary encoder with plastic knob - everything is assembled, soldered and ready to use.

List of suppliers:

Fabster3D Ebay
Createc 3D (Spain - shipment to Europe)
Russia You can also build it by yourself design files you can find at bottom of page.

Software configuration

Panel works with the new Marlin firmware since release 3 so you need to upload it from precompiled hex file or you can download latest Marlin sources and configure it by yourself.

In Configuration.h file search //#G3D_PANEL and uncomment to #G3D_PANEL

That is all what you need to do.

If you want to modify panel functionality by yourself for example change rotation direction or disable buzzer you can do advanced changes.

Pinouts description for advanced users

In pins.h file search for line "#if MOTHERBOARD == 33 || MOTHERBOARD == 34" and go down until "#ifdef ULTRA_LCD" line.

After this line you can see pinouts definitons for controlling panel which looks like a this.

  1. define [name] pin_numer

Description of this pins:

  1. define BEEPER 33 - Beeper and is Connected into GADGETS3D shield MEGA_18BEEPER pin
  2. define LCD_PINS_RS 16 - LCD control and is connected into GADGETS3D shield LCDRS pin
  3. define LCD_PINS_ENABLE 17 - LCD enable pin and is connected into GADGETS3D shield LCDE pin
  4. define LCD_PINS_D4 23 - LCD singal pin and is connected into GADGETS3D shield LCD4 pin
  5. define LCD_PINS_D5 25 - LCD singal pin and is connected into GADGETS3D shield LCD5 pin
  6. define LCD_PINS_D6 27 - LCD singal pin and is connected into GADGETS3D shield LCD6 pin
  7. define LCD_PINS_D7 29 - LCD singal pin and is connected into GADGETS3D shield LCD7 pin
  8. define BTN_EN1 37 - Encoder left direction and is connected into GADGETS3D shield S_E1 pin
  9. define BTN_EN2 35 - Encoder right direction and is connected into GADGETS3D shield S_E2 pin
  10. define BTN_ENC 31 - Encoder Push/Click signal and is connected into GADGETS3D shield S_EC

For example to reverse direction of rotary encoder you can swap values of BTN_EN1 and

BTN_EN2 difinitions into:

  1. define BTN_EN1 35
  2. define BTN_EN2 37

For disable buzzer:

  1. define BEEPER -1

You can also find definitions about SD card pins but this values better don't touch only SDCARDDETECT value you can change without any problem


GADGETS3D shield main2.jpg

GADGETS3D shield 1.jpg

GADGETS3D shield 2.jpg

Design Files

GADGETS3D Shield Schematic

Panel schematic

Panel gerber files

Panel STP files

SD card myths

Bigger don't means better using Marlin software you need always try to stay with cards up to 2GB even if your 4GB or 8GB card working well then this still means software have only access into low 2GB area so to be safe from any errors try to stay with 2GB or less memory cards this is still more than enought.