Sanguinololu mounting

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Release status: working

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Description designed Specificaly for the mounting.
License GPL
Author Bodgeit
Based-on Sanguinololu mounting
Categories Huxley RepStrap,Category:Electronics
CAD Models none
External Link none

Sanguinololu mounting.jpg


Prusa or Mendel thick sheet controller mount board for Sanguinololu or Ramps PCBs with mounting for a standard 50mm cooling fan.

Stuff needed to build

4mm MDF 1 x Fix It Block

3 x 4mm 20mm long Screws

3 x 4mm nuts

4 x Brass Pcb Stand Offs

4 x 3mm 6mm long Screws


Print the PDF file Media:Example.ogg or the DXF file Media:Example.ogg

Then glue with glue stick to MDF.

Drill holes centers are marked.

3 Fix It Block holes 4mm or 5/32"

4 Fan mounting holes 5mm or 3/16"

Prusa / Mendel holes slots 3mm or 1/8"

8 PCB stand offs 2.5mm or 3/32"

Fan hole is 50mm or 2"

Cut out the slots

Cut out the finshed parts