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Cheap IR thermometer...

Posted by Forrest Higgs 
Cheap IR thermometer...
March 15, 2008 11:36AM
I had a Triplett ProTemp which cost me a bit over US$100 and which was very useful for keeping track of extruder, Darlington chip and motor temperatures.


A few months ago, however, I dropped and broke it. It turned out that the connection between the circuitry and the little flat screen display was poorly designed. Now I have a sack full of parts.

I've just ordered a replacement with slightly better specifications at just a bit over half the price.


If you are shopping for this sort of thing please remember that you need a 10:1 measurement ratio or tighter unless you are interested only in measuring the temperature of walls, the sky and other really big things. The price of this sort of thing goes up quite quickly with improvements in the measurement ratio. This is about the cheapest 10:1 ratio IR thermometer that I've ever seen.
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