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General discussions. For specific printers / electronics / fabrication methods / softwares, please see other sections. 
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Help Needed for The Uplift Prize (RepRap Innovation Prize)

by Kartik Gada
13,181 4 08/01/2019 08:59PM
Last Post by bwhoward88

RepRap Speakers

by Adrian Bowyer
17,651 23 08/01/2019 08:59PM
Last Post by bwhoward88

Help getting new Wiki accounts

by MattMoses
33,571 15 08/01/2019 08:59PM
Last Post by bwhoward88

Forum usage guide: how to search, format text, images and edit signature.

by Gordie
15,350 3 10/09/2014 09:08AM
Last Post by Gordie

RepRap Bounties   (Pages: 1 2)

by bobc
42,193 34 07/30/2014 04:32AM
Last Post by Traumflug

Read Before Posting - Technical Questions and Answers

by MattMoses
29,257 1 01/07/2014 01:09PM
Last Post by MattMoses

Read Before Posting - Rules and Guidelines

by thejollygrimreaper
18,744 1 10/30/2013 09:07AM
Last Post by thejollygrimreaper

help with arduino X axies

by nitros
60 19 10/21/2019 10:36AM
Last Post by nitros

Looking for an open source belt printer

by Archiclem
256 7 10/21/2019 02:04AM
Last Post by piper3d

vector to gcode program?

by sungod3k
234 3 10/19/2019 05:16PM
Last Post by sungod3k

how long does it take your printer heated bed to heat up?

by jamesdanielv
716 10 10/18/2019 02:42PM
Last Post by dc42

3D printer with Beagle bone Black

by Jad Kas
280 2 10/18/2019 02:16PM
Last Post by piper3d

Thermal Compound in E3D v6

by Dust
506 6 10/18/2019 01:18PM
Last Post by ddseeker

Firmeware_Beagle Bone Black_ BeBoPr++

by Jad Kas
114 1 10/18/2019 12:30PM
Last Post by Jad Kas

NPN NO Proximity sensor not working unless touched

by Maany
1,210 13 10/17/2019 01:12PM
Last Post by Maany

Cad for printing...?? Moving On?

by aamcle
663 10 10/17/2019 08:24AM
Last Post by MechaBits

Ciclops Scanners - any experience?

by WesBrooks
646 9 10/17/2019 06:40AM
Last Post by VDX

Unique Mod/D2 .22LR Handgrip

by Ceedeem
17 1 10/17/2019 02:57AM
Last Post by Ceedeem

E3D V6 with restricted Airflow

352 12 10/16/2019 03:45PM
Last Post by KASA

Slow bed Heating

by khan415
162 2 10/16/2019 06:51AM
Last Post by Dust

CoreXY pen plotter jerky movement 8bit vs 32bit?

by Ohmarinus
583 13 10/15/2019 10:53AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus
This topic has been moved.

Upgrading to Marlin 1.1.9

by khan415
    This topic has been moved.

Changing FAN pins in Marlin: weird behavior

by Aref
457 2 10/14/2019 03:44AM
Last Post by jamesdanielv

UMaine 3D printer named largest printer by Guinness World Records

by Roberts_Clif
392 8 10/14/2019 03:13AM
Last Post by etfrench

Modifying The controller of 3D printer

by khan415
345 6 10/13/2019 10:22PM
Last Post by Dust

Help set Cura consistent Print Speed

by jiangjun1260
169 2 10/13/2019 02:54PM
Last Post by jamesdanielv

Piezoelectric disks for Z contact detect and bed levelling Attachments   (Pages: 1 ... 19 20 21)

by leadinglights
59,988 615 10/12/2019 03:12PM
Last Post by leadinglights

SKR1.3 I/O Pins not working Attachments

by Schild0r
170 5 10/07/2019 04:19AM
Last Post by Dust

different temp readings after switch from MKS Gen L to SKR1.3

by Schild0r
352 4 10/06/2019 09:40AM
Last Post by Schild0r

I've just had one of THOSE days!

by David J
195 3 10/06/2019 08:14AM
Last Post by leadinglights

Z_MAX always triggered

by KangaGorillaPig
5,828 13 10/06/2019 06:06AM
Last Post by GlenMoore1

High temperature two-part silicone

by Garry Bartsch
316 6 10/05/2019 01:43PM
Last Post by Garry Bartsch

A fundamental problem : When I want to set the temperature for printing The heater temperature reaches it's highest and does not stay at the set of the thermistor limit Attachments

by Newali
203 1 10/05/2019 11:11AM
Last Post by Newali

Can't jog Z-axis from computer

by MufaddalMarvi
340 3 10/04/2019 02:21AM
Last Post by MufaddalMarvi

Additional endstop and axis in Marlin

by Beavis1703
399 5 10/03/2019 02:33PM
Last Post by piper3d

Enclosure Temperatures?

by aamcle
226 5 10/03/2019 07:19AM
Last Post by aamcle

PS for (full) 24V conversion

by Schild0r
703 5 09/30/2019 03:54PM
Last Post by SupraGuy