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General discussions. For specific printers / electronics / fabrication methods / softwares, please see other sections. 
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Help getting new Wiki accounts

by MattMoses
74,141 26 08/15/2022 04:47PM
Last Post by b4ndit

RepRap Bounties   (Pages: 1 2)

by bobc
86,334 38 04/16/2022 04:14AM
Last Post by VDX

RepRap Speakers

by Adrian Bowyer
40,175 23 02/14/2022 11:30AM
Last Post by ravi

Help Needed for The Uplift Prize (RepRap Innovation Prize)

by Kartik Gada
34,342 4 08/01/2019 08:59PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Forum usage guide: how to search, format text, images and edit signature.

by Gordie
36,827 3 10/09/2014 09:08AM
Last Post by Gordie

Read Before Posting - Technical Questions and Answers

by MattMoses
58,364 1 01/07/2014 01:09PM
Last Post by MattMoses

Read Before Posting - Rules and Guidelines

by thejollygrimreaper
39,576 1 10/30/2013 09:07AM
Last Post by thejollygrimreaper

Start G-code problem

by Tonytnt
254 1 02/18/2024 02:03PM
Last Post by Tonytnt

M42 in old Marlin 1.1.x

by aatird
311 4 02/14/2024 05:18AM
Last Post by aatird

Open or closed 3D printer?

by frax3d
8,381 17 02/12/2024 08:43AM
Last Post by noahlilly

Help Lerdge-X

by papo
448 1 02/06/2024 06:14PM
Last Post by papo

Automatic Z offset measurement question.

by leadinglights
404 1 02/02/2024 06:37AM
Last Post by leadinglights

Relay 5v wont go off Attachments

by mnikola2
547 5 02/01/2024 11:54AM
Last Post by mnikola2

Standard design format?

by Progr3ss
320 1 01/31/2024 02:52PM
Last Post by Progr3ss

Need signal when printing finished.

by OlaA
431 8 01/27/2024 11:49AM
Last Post by OlaA

New to the forum, greetings and questions

by Progr3ss
387 2 01/27/2024 01:59AM
Last Post by VDX

Ramps 1.6 or Robin Nano v3.1 with TMC2209 - also reliable dual extruder

by cysign
527 2 01/19/2024 07:31PM
Last Post by cysign

Need for a Bowden extruder for a faithful servant. Attachments

by leadinglights
1,325 6 01/13/2024 08:04AM
Last Post by Thiagoros

Should we earth V- (GND) on the DC side of the PSU

by yet-another-average-joe
513 1 01/12/2024 11:00AM
Last Post by yet-another-average-joe

M955 - orientation question

by mnowak7
736 3 01/05/2024 03:23AM
Last Post by mnowak7

CubePro Upgrade 2023

by Teroro
815 2 01/02/2024 06:08PM
Last Post by the_digital_dentist

5 axis 3d printing with marlin firmware

by leeviet
1,036 5 12/24/2023 02:14PM
Last Post by leeviet

ramps 1,4 overvolting and voltage regulation for arduino

by kokodin
1,108 1 12/11/2023 03:25PM
Last Post by kokodin


by chitrarasan
964 3 12/08/2023 05:44AM
Last Post by chitrarasan

Which board and drivers for motor57 3D printer?

by JesseP
941 2 12/07/2023 08:41AM
Last Post by VDX

How can I have two motors on my X-axis?

by Juan Sepulveda
1,135 3 11/30/2023 10:19AM
Last Post by Juan Sepulveda

Probing a metal surface with a 3d printer

by deffie83
971 1 11/30/2023 09:39AM
Last Post by deffie83

Thesis survey: 3D printing and user innovation

by DJ94
1,033 1 11/21/2023 02:01PM
Last Post by DJ94

Auto bed leveling error

by MarkedOne
1,212 1 11/12/2023 01:08AM
Last Post by MarkedOne

Inconsistent Z axis steps/mm

by MStarha
1,701 11 11/09/2023 03:59AM
Last Post by MStarha

Learning gCode?

by aamcle
1,549 5 11/05/2023 12:01PM
Last Post by ritawong30

RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller dosen't work with long cables

by HyperionAl
1,611 5 11/05/2023 11:28AM
Last Post by ritawong30

Artillery Hornet - Stepper drive

by carrex95
1,271 1 11/04/2023 02:56PM
Last Post by carrex95

IGUS polymer bearings for carbon fiber tubes

by jjfawkes
3,241 9 10/31/2023 06:28PM
Last Post by jannoke

A rebuildlog for a Delta printer   (Pages: 1 2)

by leadinglights
6,406 40 10/27/2023 10:33AM
Last Post by leadinglights

BTT SKR V1,4 + MKS TS35-R V2.0 Display ohne Funktion

by Firebird86
1,354 3 10/26/2023 10:05PM
Last Post by Dust

Flex4Drive - Project Soup Early Birds Attachments

by Mutley3D
3,258 3 10/24/2023 06:37PM
Last Post by nophead