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Ramps 1.6 or Robin Nano v3.1 with TMC2209 - also reliable dual extruder

Posted by cysign 
Ramps 1.6 or Robin Nano v3.1 with TMC2209 - also reliable dual extruder
January 19, 2024 07:05PM
Hi, I decided to update my old DIY 3D printer. I'd like to have it upgraded to 24V, as well as upgrading the electronics and headbed.
Previously I have been using an Mega2560 + Ramps 1.5 board + HD44780 display.

Some time ago I bought a Anet A8 Plus kit as my second printer, which I upgraded using a Robin Nano v3.1 + MKS TS35 v2 (Touchscreen) with wifi. I really enjoy using the touchscreen over the old HD44780 + rotary encoder. Also the Wifi is nice to have since I can start prints over the air smiling smiley

I already have a Ramps 1.6+ board here, since my original plan was to upgrade it using UART instead of pushing dir+step pulses to the TMC2209 drivers. Also I was about using klipper some time... so the Arduino + Ramps would have been good enough.

As this printer is a casual prusa-like one, I think using klipper is too much...

But before I order a second Robin Nano v3.1, I'd like to know if the Ramps 1.6+ is still reliable in 2024.
Is there a color touchscreen which might be used with the Ramps board? And a wifi upgrade?

Since a lot of load will be released from the Arduino2560 by using UART to communicate with the drivers, the speed might be good enough.

The machine is rock solid, since it's frame is welded... using a stronger belt (for now it has been running with an GT2 belt...) might even improve this construction.

So what's your thoughts?

a) Keep the Arduino 2560 + upgrade using the Ramps 1.6+ board, get a colot touchscreen and a wifi module and keep the good old hardware running.

b) Get rid of that shit and get another Robin Nano v3.1 + Touchscreen + Wifi for this machine.

The decision is not depending on money. I just wanna have a solid second printer.

Also I wonder what a reliable way is to use this machine with dual extruder.
I used to mount two J-head hotends, a direct drive extruder and a wade extruder, both using bowden . Since I would like to improve it's construction, I'd also be willing to buy two identical extruders for this machine. Not the most expensive ones...but reliable ones. Or would you stay with the j-heads?

Picture 90 shows what it looks like right now.

So what I need to do:

  1. Get a bigger headbed (300x300mm)
  2. Improve y-axis / headbed construction
  3. improve X-axis / mount for extruders
  4. move filament to top
  5. Upgrade from 12V to 24V
  6. Replace Ramps 1.5 by Ramps 1.6+ or Robin nano v3.1
  7. find better location for touchscreen
  8. Replace inductive sensor by BLtouch / 3Dtouch
  9. downsize motors (the previous ones have been too big - already have the new ones here)
  10. Find reliable solution for dual extruders

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Re: Ramps 1.6 or Robin Nano v3.1 with TMC2209 - also reliable dual extruder
January 19, 2024 07:31PM
Just decided to build a new frame. I'm so excited about Core-XY...so I'm probably going to build one smiling smiley

So ignore all previous questions but:

What I would like for my new printer:

  • BIG (minimum 400x400mm
  • multi material system (for TPU + PETG + conductive PLA)
  • closed chamber

Maybe I'll look into RatRig or Voron 2.4. But the latter is not suiteable for 500x500...

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