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Need a hot end . More reliable then J head? Bowden drive

Posted by flying freak 
Re: Need a hot end . More reliable then J head? Bowden drive
May 27, 2013 01:30PM
i cant find link to sg2 watercooled hotend, anyone help?
Re: Need a hot end . More reliable then J head? Bowden drive
May 27, 2013 04:16PM
there arent any available right now, but we are working on a new version to replace it that can withstand basically any temperature you can throw at it.
Maddox, myself and aduy are working together to build a liquid cooled hot end, the total mass in movement is less than a standard hot end, and can be set up to cool in series, multiplying the savings. There are other things, besides weight savings that make liquid cooled a desirable technique. The transition area is MUCH shorter, and can be compressed and extended, to a point. The idea on this hot end is EXTREMELY high temp capabilities, we are able to control to 600C, with out extra circuitry. The standard will be controllable to 450C, with an option for 600C.

However, aduy asked me to come up with a VERY low mass hot end. I believe the properties you are looking for will be available on the low mass hot end I have designed.

The time frame we are looking at is, hopefully, we will be releasing beta "ultra high temp hot end", the "Mercury" will be mid - to late June. You would be welcome to buy as many as you like at that time, although the beta release will be limited to a maximum of 10 units, we might be able to do something for you. The "low mass" hot end, "the Pluto-dwarf hot end", will follow shortly after, hopefully 1 month later. I am not capable of moving very fast, so the release dates may take longer than I would like. The Pluto should be able to work well for most materials, ABS, PLA, and nylon, but NOT polycarbonate. It should be the lightest hot end, including cooling, than anything built. It will not be dependent on fans.

My time is extremely valuable, I cannot respond to questions, as I would like. I would refer questions to aduy. Thank you, and stay tuned.
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