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3D Modelling a Wheel

Posted by 3ddude 
3D Modelling a Wheel
April 19, 2013 11:39AM
I'm trying to model a wheel for an RC car so I can print it and I'm struggling. I'm using sketchup as that's all I know, but the wheel needs some support under the hub and spokes. I *think* it would print if there was some break off support designed into it but I don't have enough skill to draw it. I tried enabling support in the latest slicer and it seems to infill under the wheel.

Does anyone have any ideas / suggestions? I'd really appreciate some tips!

Thanks smiling smiley

See picture below where I've printed a simpler version with a flat face which technically works but severely limits surface detailing

Re: 3D Modelling a Wheel
April 19, 2013 01:01PM
Support settings can be a bit of a trial and error. I have had supports completely ruin my prints because they were too strong. I still really recommend you give slic3r another try at this. Otherwise, what I did in some prints is add a small block with a bunch of small pyramids on top, your printer prints the block to support the pyramids, and the pyramids barely touch the item above it, so they only help your printer to make better bridges. Not sure if this is what you want, but I usually use slic3r for this.
Re: 3D Modelling a Wheel
April 20, 2013 01:19AM
The newest Slic3r support is actually easier to remove than older versions. It looks like it just almost does not touch the surface meaning that when the first supported layer prints it's laying on top of the support and not melted into the support.

I recently printed a 4" skull and when it printed I thought it would be horrific getting all the support out of it. It was all the way around the base, inside the jaw and mouth area, in the eye sockets, the nose and such. It took me a total of around 5 minutes to get it all out. I figured it would be hours.
Re: 3D Modelling a Wheel
April 20, 2013 12:39PM
Thanks for the tip. I tried it with the standard support and it came out pretty good! I'm very impressed with the software, totally worth a donation thumbs up


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