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"Arduino- vs Sanguino-based"

Posted by Ecir Hana 
"Arduino- vs Sanguino-based"
January 03, 2010 10:56PM

I'm reading about the thermoplast extruder and there it says "Arduino- vs Sanguino-based" - what does it mean?

I thought RepRap has two ATmegas - one on the morherboard (644) and the other one on the extruder controller (168).

Also, IIRC I read somewhere that it is possible to use Arduino - but for what? For the motherboard? For a part of the motherboard?

Thanks in advance!
Re: "Arduino- vs Sanguino-based"
January 04, 2010 08:25PM
ATmega644 = the same chip as the Sanguino
AtMega168 = the same chip as the original arduino. ( which now also uses a Atmega328 )

As a result these terms are use interchangably, thus:
* a "sanguino-based" system is one that uses the ATmega644 chip with the *uino bootware/firmware on it.
* an "arduino-based" system is one that uses atmega168 or higher ( eg 328 or even bigger like the Atmel 1280 aka "ArduinoMega" )

In reprap parlance, there are three basic sorts of electronics:
* multi-PIC based, SNAP protocol/bus, very old, not used.
* single *duino system. eg: the classic darwin used a 168, later versions encouraged to use 328 or higher , even a "Mega". these are generically refered to as "generation2" electronics.
* multi *duino system with RS485 bus, and usually a dedicated "motherboard" design. ( makerbot, mendel, etc ) it doesn't really matter what the precise chip/s is/are in each case, more the separation of extruder command and control from the main software chip.

Re: "Arduino- vs Sanguino-based"
January 04, 2010 09:54PM
Ok, I understand now. Thanks a lot!
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