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Sizing of models to Mendel

Posted by Phobia1 
Sizing of models to Mendel
October 11, 2010 04:56PM
Hi Guys
This may be a stupid question or could be that I go about it the wrong way. If this is so, please excuse my ignorance.
I work as most Architects at actual size. When I make a model either it fits on the Mendel or it has to be printed in many pieces.
For the moment I just play Archicad model 240m wide. Export as 3DS
open in Meshlab and make STL
open in reprap and........
If I reopen the 3Ds in archicad its 240m
so, is it Meshlab or reprap? The model is in scale its just WAY too small.
I do not have 3DS max or would try that.
Anyone have any idea how to get control of the size of a model?
Re: Sizing of models to Mendel
October 11, 2010 05:53PM
You must export the STL in mm.

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Re: Sizing of models to Mendel
October 12, 2010 04:03AM
Hi and thanks for the post. I saved the 3ds in mm and after that saw no further options to change it.
Perhaps its a size issue.
I have sent the 3ds file to a colleague with 3DS MAX. Have asked to see if there is a better result that way to stl file.
Thanks again.
Re: Sizing of models to Mendel
October 12, 2010 08:48AM
One unit in stl equals 1mm. (Or the different software assume so). So if wouldn't matter if the 3DS or Meshlab variables are in mm or km, as one unit in the file is (I'd believe) simply exported as one unit to the stl file. At least that's how Wings3D do it.
You can scale the model in 3DS by 10 (or whatever scale you need), or you might want to scale the stl file after export in OpenSCAD like this:
scale(10) import_stl("pathtoyourstlfilehere.stl", convexity = 1);

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Re: Sizing of models to Mendel
October 12, 2010 01:57PM
Ok guys thanks for the advice. Whilst we wait for Graphisoft to come up with an add-on for Archicad.
The path is
Turn off windows on the overall selector. Since there is no transparent medium available at present. Then from the 3D view
File saveas 3DS and make sure that you choose mm in the option window.
Open the file in 3DS or 3DS Max.
Resize in 3DS to the size of the reprap platform - 40mm
Save as STL
Open in Reprap i voila print it.
sit down and clean up the model the next day. Paint it to your liking.
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