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FDM Reprap kit Q&A

Posted by CdnReprap 
FDM Reprap kit Q&A
October 27, 2010 01:11PM
Hello Everyone

I started this post to answer any questions anyone has for my FDM reprap kit.

Please feel free to ask questions about the kit and I will do my best to answer.

For support see my post in the Mendel forum.


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Re: FDM Reprap kit Q&A
February 17, 2011 04:25PM
On your ebay listing it looks like you ship the frame built. This that the case? Then throw in the electronics for the buyer to install?
Re: FDM Reprap kit Q&A
February 20, 2011 08:49AM
i list both kits, with electronics and without.

I have both in stock ready to ship.
Re: FDM Reprap kit Q&A
February 20, 2011 01:27PM
Any chance for a Prusa Mendel kit in the future? I'm sure it would be cheaper to print on a commercial machine.
Re: FDM Reprap kit Q&A
February 20, 2011 10:14PM
Yep, I made a few beta kits for a customer who wanted them really bad. I didn't really like the the pla bearing setup from a long term stand point, so those are being replaced for "the kit".

I'm going over the Prusa now making revisions to most of the parts. Its looking killer.
Re: FDM Reprap kit Q&A
March 01, 2011 09:48AM

Just ordered a Mendel kit from you. Let me describe a bit myself first : background only in software and are interested in 3D printing, now got a Makerbot TOM and would like to sought for more performance and learn more.

So would like to know if you ship the frame built or not?

Re: FDM Reprap kit Q&A
March 01, 2011 10:01AM
Hello Pipboy

Thanks for your order!

The frame is not built in order to save the transport costs. With the frame assembled it almost doubles the cost of shipping.
Re: FDM Reprap kit Q&A
March 01, 2011 10:08AM

That's fine because I would also like to learn how to assemble one grinning smiley

Also would you recommend using Wade's extruder ? Sorry that as I'm a newbie to 3d printing and thus not so sure about the difference here.
Re: FDM Reprap kit Q&A
March 01, 2011 10:30AM
I like them both.

At the moment I include Adrian's extruder because I have been testing/using/abusing it it since April last year without failure.

Wades extruder is a bit simpler to make, I'm testing my modified version of wade's extruder now. I like to test each design before selling them this way I know how to help my customers.

If you prefer Wade's extruder in your kit let me know I can switch it for you.
Re: FDM Reprap kit Q&A
March 01, 2011 11:10AM

I think I will stick to Adrian's first as I can print the Wade's parts later.
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