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An Original Name's Questions about a Mendel build

Posted by An Original Name 
Re: An Original Name's Questions about a Mendel build
January 14, 2011 11:54PM
Thank you. I imported them into inkscape and they look fine.

Now, on to another issue. I just received my HSS 4mm hand tap today and tried desperately to hob the bolt for the Wade's extruder. I first cut a groove where they center of the tap needed to be by running the bolt in an electric hand drill against a file. Afterwards, however, I made a makeshift bolt holder from 2 bearings, rubber bands, clamps, and a few nuts and washers. This held together fine, but when I went to hob the bolt with the m4 tap using my electric hand drill, it skidded about across the side of the bolt quite violently. Even after I managed to center the tap on the groove I had cut, the tap didn't seem to be cutting ordered threads in the side of the rod, but, rather, chaotic little grooves. This was, in part, caused by the bolt not moving along with the tap as it turned; it was not cutting the thread. Instead, it was closer to a drill bit in that it cutting out a portion without hobbing the bolt.

Any tips or help to give me? Is it perhaps that my hand drill has too fast of a speed? I don't believe I can vary the speed it rotates by, but it seems rather fast when compared to this video. Maybe it's something as simple as I wasn't going long enough with the tap.

Thank you!
Re: An Original Name's Questions about a Mendel build
January 15, 2011 06:36PM
Try the lowest possible RPM you can get out of your drill. You might have to help the bolt turn until the teeth are cut deep enough that the tap can naturally turn the bolt.

One of the problems I had while cutting mine was that the tap would tend to pull to one side of the groove.It would ride up the wall of my groove. I would get very deep cuts on the side of the bolt where the threads were, but I would get no teeth at all on the side where the bolt head was. I found that by using a screw driver to apply pressure at the smooth shaft of the tap, Then I could keep it from riding up the wall of my groove and I would get even cut teeth.
Re: An Original Name's Questions about a Mendel build
January 17, 2011 02:00AM
Thanks for the help. I think I got it working a little better this time. I might have to work at it some more to get it perfect though.
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