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24 volt to stepper motors

Posted by flydeprutten 
24 volt to stepper motors
May 28, 2018 02:06PM

I really want to convert my printer to 24 volts, not least because of my stepper drivers/motors (I want to make them quieter). However, I would like to test what impact it has on the drivers before I go all in. (New controller, new heating cartridge, new power supply and so on).

My plan is to use a simple boost converter to generate 24 volts for all my TMC2130 drivers (connect the VM and Gnd of the drivers to the boost converter and the rest of the pins to my RAMPS). This allows me to easily and inexpensively test what impact it has on the stepper drivers and motors.

However, I have two questions. First and foremost, is this a good idea at all?

Secondly, in my search for information online I read the following on Watterotts FAQ:

"At power-up the motor supply voltage VM should come up first and then the logic supply voltage VIO. On power down the logic supply voltage VIO should be turned off at first and then the motor supply voltage VM, because the internal logic of the TMC2xxx driver is powered from VM. "

Should I install a 12 volt delay switch on the power to my RAMPS so that the stepper drivers get powered up first, and is this not a problem on RAMPS in general?
Re: 24 volt to stepper motors
May 29, 2018 01:42AM
The Watterott statement is all about not loosing steps. As long as your FW doesn't fire steps from start on, it doesn't matter.
Re: 24 volt to stepper motors
May 29, 2018 05:02AM
If you have the protectors under the stepsticks the power sequence doesn't matter. With or without the protectors it wouldn't hurt to follow the recommended power up/down.I run my 2100's on 42v and the motors love it. You will find you can dial the current back too. Typically the motors we use on our printers can be run up to around 60v.
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