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Marlin / delta - Move one axis before homing

Posted by martin1454 
Marlin / delta - Move one axis before homing
August 16, 2018 05:00AM
Hi there! -

Im in the middle of an project where Im building an delta printer.

It is running an ramps 1.4 with the newest marlin firmware.

I have a special need for homing - Before it homes all the 3 axis, I need it to move one of the steppers first 2mm upwards ( opposite of the homing axis)

On a normal cartesian printer, I would just move the X or Y axis before homing, but on a delta, all 3 axis moves all 3 steppers - Is there a way to move only one of the steppers?

- I plan to modify the marlin firmware in the home_delta() function.
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