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MKS Gen L and LCD

Posted by dfox1787 
MKS Gen L and LCD
September 29, 2019 04:07PM
Hi guys

Hope someone can help.

I switches form Ramps 1.4 to MKS gen L and my LCD doesnt work. It works fine with the ramps board.

is there something with the MKS that is different.

Controller from config.


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Re: MKS Gen L and LCD
September 29, 2019 05:09PM
It depends on your version of the ramps lcd connector, some have cable keys on the left, some have cable keys on the right... this matches the back of the LCD... works fine, till you move it to a New controller that doesn't use the the LCD board.

You probably have to turn each plug around 180 degrees.

There are many way to do this.
a) Cut new slots in the plastic on the lcd connectors on the board
b) Cut off the keys on the cables so you can plug them in
c) make a custom cable
d) Sometimes you can carefully pry off the plastic plug on the PCB and turn it around.
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