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Help set Cura consistent Print Speed

Posted by jiangjun1260 
Help set Cura consistent Print Speed
October 12, 2019 09:54PM
My problem is that i don't know how to config Ultimaker Cura 4.2.1 to get a consistent nozzle move speed.

For example: My print speed and all other speed parameter which are able to be modified. set to 100 mm/s.
when nozzle moving path is straight line, then nozzle moving speed can meet the setting value: 100 mm/s.
once nozzle moving path is curve or arc, then nozzle moving speed will significantly decreased, i don't know the exact value, but i'm sure that the speed is much less than 100 mm/s.

Is there any body know how to get a consistent print speed that can be always meet my setting value?
Re: Help set Cura consistent Print Speed
October 13, 2019 02:54PM
"Is there any body know how to get a consistent print speed that can be always meet my setting value?"

this is a loaded question. i'm going to assume you are talking about printer settings as it relates to acceleration.

is there a specific reason you want circles and non lines to be at 100mm/s ?

this seems to violate the tool path acceleration rules in firmware.

you can increase firmware acceleration in firmware settings,

in most firmware settings are in the lcd menu with acceleration settings.
some have limits to protect the machine. to much inertia can damage the nozzle, the frame or the belts. its the sudden change in directional velocity that causes these issues.

if your code is set to default to arc segments then it should be changed to use line segments if the arc is the issue, but this seems unlikely unless there are a lot of arc's

can you list our gcode so someone can verify it is line segment generated.

updated comments
if it is generated by cura then the code is line generated not arc,

you might be able to increase acceleration around curves by lowering resolution detail
making curved lines a little longer so ramping of speed can happen a little bit
look for a setting called Maximun resolution change this from 0.01 or whatever it is set to and change it to 0.1 this will make line segment longer and allow more of an acceleration, however the segments are still quite short for full speed to be reached.

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