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RepRap Firmware BTT-SKR 1.4, LCD12864 in boards.g?

Posted by boolPool 
RepRap Firmware BTT-SKR 1.4, LCD12864 in boards.g?
March 19, 2021 04:51PM
Hi, I am trying to install a BTT SKR 1.4 Turbo board using the RepRap firmware as described on Chris Riley's YT page.

The BTT TFT35 has just stopped working so I need to plug in an LCD-12864 "Reprap full graphics whatever" but it is grayed out in the auto-configurator.

I checked the Wiki, but cannot find any mention of the Display setting commands, just movement and speeds etc.

I looked in the "board.txt" file and it shows the setting for the dead-TFT35 , but no idea what it should be for the 12864 LCD.

// External Display settings
serial.aux.rxTxPins = {0.3, 0.2};

What is the setting Text?
Does it go in the "board.txt" or the "config.g" ?

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