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Deprecated Java methods

Posted by jmarsden 
Deprecated Java methods
June 09, 2007 12:15AM
There a couple of places in the current Java code that use methods or types which are officially "deprecated". It should be a small and straightforward task to see what the currently non-deprecated equivalents are, make the small changes to the Reprap sources to use them, compile and test.

This would be a really good way for a Java programmer to get started in the Reprap host code; these are small simple changes to make. I'm therefore *not* going to rush in and fix them up myself... I'm hoping there is someone out there reading this who can make a first small step into Reprap host development by doing this and posting a diff or two (or just the entire changed files, if you really want).

I am anything but a Java expert. Linux expert... maybe. Sysadmin expert... maybe. But not Java. If I can do this, others can too. Any volunteers? :-)

This is also in the Bug Tracker at [sourceforge.net]



[javac] /home/jonathan/reprap2/Reprap/src/org/reprap/Main.java:106: warning: [deprecation] show() in java.awt.Dialog has been deprecated
[javac] prefs.show();
[javac] ^
[javac] /home/jonathan/reprap2/Reprap/src/org/reprap/gui/STLObject.java:253: warning: [deprecation] javax.media.j3d.Morph in javax.media.j3d has been deprecated
[javac] } else if ( sg instanceof Shape3D || sg instanceof Morph )
[javac] ^
Re: Deprecated Java methods
June 10, 2007 07:55PM
Thanks to Dan P., we have a solution. Nice and simple, too.

I've committed the changes into Subversion.

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