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RepRap Host

Java - everyone loves it and it works well everywhere. Maybe. 
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tooltips for scripts are shifted over to right

by ruggb
11,777 1 11/04/2019 11:28PM
Last Post by ruggb

G-Code for Faster Warm Ups?

by LordFly
6,248 1 04/25/2019 05:53PM
Last Post by LordFly

sending Gcode over USB serial connection

by shaggers
21,176 3 05/19/2018 06:00PM
Last Post by Dancer

What does the flow-rate ruler do ?

by Replace
8,826 2 11/08/2017 04:40AM
Last Post by kd6hq

Reprap shield v1.4 serial connection

by umurcg
7,380 1 04/10/2017 04:05AM
Last Post by umurcg

Problem driving a stepper motor using the A4988 reprap driver board and an Arduino Attachments

by k1228438
10,037 1 03/19/2017 04:53PM
Last Post by k1228438

Sorry - put this in the wrong place (again)

by David J
6,839 1 02/10/2017 03:03PM
Last Post by David J

Reversing extruder stepper direction

by Jeff B
49,066 10 07/10/2016 07:08AM
Last Post by ive prob done it wrong :)

Bed doesn't heat without lamp over it

by budrow01
6,531 9 03/29/2016 09:48PM
Last Post by budrow01

End of print job ramming Y endstop

by rfresh737
6,626 3 03/27/2016 02:23PM
Last Post by rfresh737

Extruder leaves deep line in surface after layer

by rfresh737
6,857 1 03/25/2016 12:16PM
Last Post by rfresh737

Support Material Settings Help

by rfresh737
6,778 1 03/23/2016 01:43AM
Last Post by rfresh737

Issues in Repetier host 1.6.0

by tm america
7,199 1 02/02/2016 01:20PM
Last Post by tm america

Sorry, wrong forum

by bnoggle
7,152 1 01/30/2016 12:12PM
Last Post by bnoggle

SORRY - wrong forum! Please ignore.

by David J
7,867 1 08/25/2015 10:45AM
Last Post by David J

Folger Tech Kossel 2020 Extruder motor doesn't do anything

by amandarh92
7,843 1 08/12/2015 07:07PM
Last Post by amandarh92

Help REPRAP Prusa

by [email protected]
8,163 1 07/09/2015 07:16AM
Last Post by [email protected]

Settings For K8200

by JasperCocquyt
9,940 2 12/13/2014 06:58AM
Last Post by JasperCocquyt

serial handshake in sending gcode (processing - marlin)

by secondsky
9,107 1 11/18/2014 09:49AM
Last Post by secondsky

Error 1603

by Gustav180
8,827 1 11/16/2014 08:52AM
Last Post by Gustav180

How to delete objects from RepetierHost build plate?

by Replace
9,463 8 10/25/2014 05:22AM
Last Post by Replace

I m trying to generate G-code from cad model as my graduate project

by sidace69
8,979 5 10/22/2014 08:42AM
Last Post by Levent

x axis missing steps

by dave3d
8,928 1 10/16/2014 05:18PM
Last Post by dave3d

Problems when homing delta printer

by cream
13,353 3 10/09/2014 05:38AM
Last Post by 3D-ES

Ubuntu USB-Serial port install procedure   (Pages: 1 2)

by Anonymous User
293,851 56 09/22/2014 08:58AM
Last Post by hec1152

Repetier-host 1.0.1 UI issue in manual contorl Attachments

by dwonh
8,947 3 08/13/2014 05:32PM
Last Post by dwonh

Strange layer numbers in log Attachments

by Grumpy old men
8,573 2 06/24/2014 04:47AM
Last Post by Mahon

G-Code, sleep and wait..

by Mahon
22,972 3 06/13/2014 02:42AM
Last Post by rhmorrison

Extruder reversed

by urbanzakapa
9,435 3 05/08/2014 01:51PM
Last Post by urbanzakapa

cad.py how to use mendelize.py

by Arnold
8,402 2 04/29/2014 04:37PM
Last Post by andy_tratter