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RepRap Host

Java - everyone loves it and it works well everywhere. Maybe. 
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Hotend temperature half of what it should be

by gilapoin
3,536 1 04/11/2014 06:01PM
Last Post by gilapoin

"Failed to inhibit sleep" error with pronterface, won't start printing!

by Atfer
3,653 1 04/05/2014 08:07PM
Last Post by Atfer

Temperature settings not honoured

by rparkins
3,118 2 03/21/2014 11:34PM
Last Post by Lenbok

Pocket Pc / Windows CE Host For Gcode Attachments

by Michael.Duffin
4,980 29 02/21/2014 01:14AM
Last Post by UnkleSkunky

Multiple Object Issues Attachments

by Yraben
3,065 1 01/25/2014 09:23PM
Last Post by Yraben
This topic has been moved.

Interfacing with PIC 16F877Aspinning smiley sticking its tongue out

by deepakkartik
    This topic has been moved.

rs232and rs485 interface with pic and sdcc

by khiraly
6,441 9 01/16/2014 02:34AM
Last Post by deepakkartik

End of print play sound?

by GeckospotNixie
3,082 1 01/01/2014 02:23PM
Last Post by GeckospotNixie

repeater host mac version delta printer configuration

by [email protected]
3,618 1 12/27/2013 08:58AM
Last Post by [email protected]

isWithinChannel() can fail trying to divide by zero

by rparkins
2,774 1 12/22/2013 08:42AM
Last Post by rparkins

GCode Command line Host

by ripper121
2,762 2 12/03/2013 12:39PM
Last Post by jbernardis

PCB Plotting what software

by zandor
2,035 2 09/26/2013 12:25PM
Last Post by papergeek

Sending single Gcode

by 0pascal0
3,033 3 09/26/2013 08:16AM
Last Post by papergeek

Algorithm of extruder in 3D printing

by Mr. Crazy
3,107 1 09/03/2013 02:05PM
Last Post by Mr. Crazy

AoI Alternatives   (Pages: 1 2 3 4)

by Leav
9,287 107 07/13/2013 09:12PM
Last Post by Richard Siemsen

rxtxSerial exception on Ubuntu java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError

by i02fesea
4,240 3 07/09/2013 06:06AM
Last Post by i02fesea

Unable to load default SVN Client

by mccoyn
14,557 7 07/05/2013 01:45AM
Last Post by Sachin Kakkar

Exporting Blender to .STL

by pingiscoolest
18,729 11 06/26/2013 09:26AM
Last Post by memokat12

Converting stl to g code using axon 3

by jamestapton
3,158 2 06/25/2013 09:09AM
Last Post by mumefi

Java representation of .stl file locations

by jmarsden
2,434 10 05/23/2013 07:34AM
Last Post by Devi

Reprap Software - Windows 8 Issue,Maybe?

by johndope
2,683 1 05/13/2013 06:11AM
Last Post by johndope

developing software for rapid prototyping applications

by sun2407
2,771 26 05/06/2013 06:02PM
Last Post by VDX

Host start-up with blank message box and empty windowss Attachments

by michaelsmuller
2,521 2 04/23/2013 02:54PM
Last Post by michaelsmuller

How to tell how much filament it needs when using dual extruders?

by rsilvers
1,858 1 04/18/2013 09:37PM
Last Post by rsilvers

Host Software on OS X crashes

by matt
2,438 13 04/13/2013 08:17PM
Last Post by kchristensen

need help finding a code segment

by Suerjugy
2,456 5 03/29/2013 01:51PM
Last Post by Cazio

Newbi - problems installing using windows

by Alanog
1,562 2 03/27/2013 07:01PM
Last Post by johnk

Repetier Host move out of the bed Attachments

by javierguu
1,153 1 02/05/2013 02:00AM
Last Post by javierguu

Extruder Heat Control

by emt
1,964 10 01/31/2013 10:44AM
Last Post by Vzacc

Problem loading STL files Attachments

by frankbsad
1,535 4 01/18/2013 05:53AM
Last Post by l.mangia