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Temperature settings not honoured

Posted by rparkins 
Temperature settings not honoured
January 05, 2014 09:58AM
The settings in the Temperature page
Object First Layer Infill Temperature
Object Next Layers Temperature
have no effect on the gcode generated by Skeinforge.

The following patch makes a crude attempt at doing the right thing. Note that Alteration has to be active with Replace Variable with Setting enabled for it to work. The two smileys are actually closing backets ")". I don't know how to persuade this WIKI to display what I type literally.

fill.py 2012-11-09 15:46:31.000000000 +0000
*** 867,878 ****
self.isJunctionWide = True
surroundingCarves = []
self.distanceFeedRate.addLine('(<layer> %s )' % rotatedLayer.z)
- if layerIndex == 0:
- self.distanceFeedRate.addLine('(<alterationDeleteThisPrefix/>)M104'
- + ' S<setting.temperature.objectFirstLayerInfillTemperature>')
- else:
- self.distanceFeedRate.addLine('(<alterationDeleteThisPrefix/>)M104'
- + ' S<setting.temperature.objectNextLayersTemperature>')
if layerRemainder >= int(round(self.repository.diaphragmThickness.value)):
for surroundingIndex in xrange(1, self.solidSurfaceThickness + 1):
self.addRotatedCarve(layerIndex, -surroundingIndex, reverseRotation, surroundingCarves)
--- 867,872 ----
Re: Temperature settings not honoured
March 21, 2014 11:34PM
Do you think this is your problem?:


I have been putting various skeinforge enhancements into a git repository and used nopheads Skeinforge50plus as a starting point. Mine is at [github.com]

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