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Interesting PIC programming problerm to share

Posted by spcmicro 
Interesting PIC programming problerm to share
November 03, 2007 06:48AM
I finally resolved the issue with programming my PICS and I want to share it with others because it's something that might be encountered when trying to burn PIC processors.

I had this problem where I burned a part, the code looked correct, but the boards would do nothing. I am using a Willem USB programmer, $90.00 USD, which had support for the 16F628A parts. I posted a message earlier on the RepRap forum but I seem to be the only one trying to use this programmer. I finally borrowed a PICStart Plus programmer and produced PICs that functioned properly. Hooray! My boards are up and running! I then tried burning a part on the Willem and checked it with the PicStart Plus unit and lo and behold, the configuration data at address 2007 was being ignored by the Willem software. I can manually enter the data and then burn the part, but this was a very frustrating exercise to say the least. It's definately a bug in their software and I could see it possibly being a problem with other programmers so if you are burning parts and they don't work and the code looks good, make sure that the configuration data at 0x2007 is properly programmed.

On another note, I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian at Poptech in October up here in Maine, in the states, and had a wonderful time listening to his presentation. I also got to see the RepRap run and had plenty of time to chat with Adrian about the project. The meeting fired me up to free up some time to get back to work on my RepRap. After fixing this problem, I'm now on to building the mechanical part of my RepRap.
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