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Communication problem when using RRHost

Posted by goaran 
Communication problem when using RRHost
February 22, 2011 05:02PM
Hi There,

i have a problem with the reprap host.
When i start it the electronix are blinking and some kind of connection is established.
But somehow the commands dont have an effect on the electronix.
For example moving the axis manually does not work, or only sometimes, turning heat on doesnt work and so on..
The baudrate is set corectly and /dev/ttyUSB0 is set as adress, which is right.
When i use Repsnapper it somehow works, so it seems the problem is not with the electronix.
Tried it on a 64bit system as well, there it works a bet better, but the RRHost freezes a lot.
the software version is the one from here [sourceforge.net]

Any ideas?
(My logic analyzer is broken so i cant check the signal at the moment)

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Re: Communication problem when using RRHost
February 23, 2011 09:41AM
I think you need to give more specifics:
what electronics are you using?
what os?
which versions of reprap host didn't work? On my Mac, only the latest 64-bit version from 20100719 works. The others can't talk to the electronics: techzone gen3 remix. Repsnapper works.

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Re: Communication problem when using RRHost
February 23, 2011 01:54PM
sorry forgot that,

Electronics are Gen3 Techzone Rmx
System is Ubuntu 32bit
Reprap Host is 20110207 from sourceforge

when the Host is started it somehow connects to the electronix, the steppers are activated which you can here. But that is all that happens.

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Re: Communication problem when using RRHost
February 24, 2011 12:08AM
Did you load the firmware using Arduino? You need to edit the configuration.h in the FiveD... folder and select the correct electronics: Gen 3 Mendel. Unfortunately, when you do this, you'll find a lot of errors related to the FiveD code trying to set-up the extruder controller in the motherboard when in fact it's on a separate set of files for the separate extruder controller. Anyway, I did this according to someone's instruction from this forum but I still didn't work for me.

You might want to try the 20100806 reprap version. I think that was the previous "stable" latest release. I don't use Ubuntu. Perhaps others can tell you which reprap host works with that system and the Gen 3 electronis.
Re: Communication problem when using RRHost
February 24, 2011 04:56AM
I loaded the firmware with the Arduino IDE. the config is set to Gen3 Mendel, exept for some some small things i edited to make it fit to my machine which is a bit different.
Ok, ill maybe try the 20100806, jsut dont want to invest too much time in it cause at the moment im migrating all the stuff to EMC2, just wanted to test it...

my projects: [www.robotik.dyyyh.de] ...
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