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Best Electronics for Mendel

Posted by newbie 
Best Electronics for Mendel
March 03, 2011 04:14PM
As I am new to this and an electronics novice, I'm trying to work out the best generation of electronics to buy.
I'm torn between the Gen3 monolithic board from Techzone and the generation 6 board by mendel-parts?
Re: Best Electronics for Mendel
March 03, 2011 07:27PM
I've heard a lot of bad things about the Techzone electronics. Specifically, issues with soldering and missing/wrong components. For an electronics novice, I think double-checking everything would be on the harder side to do.

That said, last I heard Mendel-Parts were still closed, but expected to reopen soon. This would delay you purchasing anything.

Also, the main issue with other electronics like RAMPs and Gen7 is that the Pololu A4983 carrier boards are out of stock at most places. This is supposed to change shortly (production delays).

This means whichever way you go, you're stuck with a delay, or with something you'd want to double-check to ensure it's correctly assembled. None of this is an ideal situation.
Re: Best Electronics for Mendel
March 03, 2011 09:58PM
Thanks Cefiar,
I'm in no rush as I've yet to receive the plastic parts from Nophead yet. I only have the hardware and the stepper motors at this stage.
Re: Best Electronics for Mendel
March 17, 2011 04:59AM
I've used the makerbot electronics for a few of my machines and things generally go pretty well. I've worked with a guy who used the techzone and he ended up having to replace half the boards because they blew up on him.

I'm currently messing around with RAMPS, working on making the big jump forward.

-Peter H
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