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Single Arduino Controller

Posted by mfsamuel 
Single Arduino Controller
February 06, 2010 11:24AM
Is it possible to run everything off of a single Arduino (Mega)?

I know there is a separate controller for the extruder but I have extra stepper drivers and should still have plenty of digital pins coming from the arduino mega. I am also using a thermocouple rather than a thermistor so it is not like the existing extruder is spot on for my needs.

If I do need a second controller I assume I can use any arduino with my pololu stepper driver. Any advice on the minimum specs I need for the extruder controller? Would Arduino Pro, or Pro Mini work?
Re: Single Arduino Controller
February 06, 2010 02:15PM
Short answer is yes.

The new Gen4 electronics coming to makerbot uses the Atmega 1280.

You can also use an ordinary arduino for everything, firmware in under darwin I believe in SVN
Re: Single Arduino Controller
February 06, 2010 04:41PM
any opinions on the best way to proceed.
1. Buy a stock extruder controller (does not support the stepper or the thermocouple directly)
2. Try to modify the 5d code to incorporate everything on the Mega.
3. Buy a arduino clone [www.moderndevice.com] to run the stepper and thermocouple (should require less code changes)

I am inclined to modify the 5d to run on a single mega since there is no additional cost to me, but there seem to be a couple hundred versions of the firmware floating around and adding another without mainline support seems like a bad idea.

I suspect there are a bunch of people that my use a similar setup though:
1xarduino mega ($50 ebay)
4xpololu A4983 stepper carriers ($14 each)
1xthermocouple ($35, thank you sparkfun freeday!)
Re: Single Arduino Controller
February 06, 2010 04:48PM
Hopefully you'll be able to run FiveD on arduino (normal) soon winking smiley

Wooden Mendel
Teacup Firmware
Re: Single Arduino Controller
February 06, 2010 05:35PM
Damn you Triffid_Hunter! Always 1 or 10 steps ahead of me.
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