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Anything related to printer controllers not being Duet, RAMPS or Sanguinololu: microprocessors, motor and heater driver circuitry, gEDA/KiCAD issues, soldering tips, etc. 
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SKR 1.3: Setting Junction Deviation in firmware has no effect

by costmo
556 3 01/14/2020 03:08PM
Last Post by costmo

PandaPi - Raspberry Pi as a motherboard for 3D printer Attachments

by Mitko
128 1 01/11/2020 06:14AM
Last Post by Mitko

New replaceable stepper driver form-factor

by ghent360
410 21 01/06/2020 01:13PM
Last Post by newbob

SKR 1.3 PC Recognize issue Attachments

by keremdikmen
253 10 01/04/2020 12:40PM
Last Post by keremdikmen

Do you recognise this board?

by Jonty
744 6 12/30/2019 02:16AM
Last Post by ghent360

Issue with y motor on SKR v1.3

by Antonio_MCR
223 4 12/19/2019 05:52PM
Last Post by Antonio_MCR

Trying to update Marlin on this HY_BASE_L V1.0 board...

316 8 12/05/2019 09:03AM
Last Post by CVRIV

how to upload firmware to melzi v2 board? Attachments

by kkwong1951
9,653 19 12/03/2019 01:20PM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Installing a bootloader on a BIGTREETECH SKR v1.3

by Dust
844 2 11/29/2019 12:32PM
Last Post by luckyflyer

BIGTREETECH SKR v1.3 - Reuse Unused PINS Attachments

by epoxi
1,035 11 11/29/2019 11:19AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Problem with SPI, need solution for Azteeg X5 GT board, SPI not working Attachments

by Jasontwd
253 1 11/25/2019 12:08AM
Last Post by Jasontwd

SKR v1.3 - Sending 5v to signal on endstop?

by Ohmarinus
689 5 11/13/2019 10:24AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Odd problem with Trigorilla board and Pronterface

by David J
319 1 11/13/2019 08:36AM
Last Post by David J

Where is the Open Source Code for MKS TFT Touch-Display?

by forgoden
376 2 11/12/2019 09:20PM
Last Post by Dust

Calling all Rumba experts Attachments

by Modmike
1,453 23 11/09/2019 11:03PM
Last Post by darkstar1

What Size Electronics Cooling Fan? Mains switch wire gauge? Attachments

by fullHundo
369 3 11/07/2019 08:08PM
Last Post by fullHundo

SKR v1.3 with the Anet 12864 LCD display (will it ever work?)

by mlefevre
1,581 6 11/05/2019 12:10PM
Last Post by Fisz271

Reprogram or replace? Attachments

by Madaxe
405 8 11/01/2019 05:54PM
Last Post by Dust

TMC2209 v2 (Watterott) low VREF

by Bonscha
508 2 10/30/2019 05:18PM
Last Post by Dust

Bigtree Tech SKR 1.3 Fan configuration

by calaban
2,177 5 10/28/2019 10:50AM
Last Post by calaban

Trouble with solid state relay closing for mains voltage bed

by imotion
441 5 10/21/2019 05:18AM
Last Post by imotion

Marlin on Sbase - There, and back again.

by drdeath
3,061 14 10/08/2019 03:57PM
Last Post by dc42

CL57T closed loop driver with MKS Sbase 1.3 board not working ? Attachments

by Seeda
689 17 10/04/2019 05:06AM
Last Post by Seeda

Blowing fuses on two SKR boards. Need some help

by roontoon
499 3 10/02/2019 03:59PM
Last Post by roontoon

Re-ARM to Replace TriGorilla?

by JangusKhan
977 15 09/22/2019 12:08PM
Last Post by JangusKhan

lerdge board 32 bits   (Pages: 1 ... 5 6 7)

by titeuf007
53,759 197 09/21/2019 01:18PM
Last Post by Dust

MKS Gen L controller with TFT28

by Angry_Swan
803 4 09/21/2019 06:44AM
Last Post by Manolocs

Keyestudio MKS Base 1.4 3D Pinbelegung für die X-Achse confused smiley Attachments

by SkyHawksPa
604 3 09/16/2019 06:54AM
Last Post by SkyHawksPa

Owners of MKS Robin v2.3, help me

by zheka1980
2,402 14 09/03/2019 10:39PM
Last Post by Bobyni

BIGTREETECH SKR v1.3 doesn't have enough voltage for endstop

by Keshan
952 4 08/30/2019 02:39PM
Last Post by dc42