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Anything related to printer controllers not being Duet, RAMPS or Sanguinololu: microprocessors, motor and heater driver circuitry, gEDA/KiCAD issues, soldering tips, etc. 
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DIY Tiny OLED I2C full graphics controller Attachments   (Pages: 1 ... 6 7 8)

by enif
83,579 228 09/23/2021 08:28AM
Last Post by cxp297

Phi: Open-source ESP32 3D Printer Controller with Built-In Wi-Fi and Ethernet

by likha3d
42 1 09/23/2021 01:01AM
Last Post by likha3d

Which controller should I buy to control Nema23 motors?

by janpenguin
365 2 09/02/2021 02:21AM
Last Post by dc42

galvo steper miror Attachments

by Girl
281 7 09/02/2021 12:09AM
Last Post by Girl


by nikdfzz
419 3 08/14/2021 11:03AM
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MKS Gen l V1.0 pinout question

by MikeCL
393 3 08/11/2021 10:44PM
Last Post by MikeCL

How to install bootloader on MKS SGEN L V2.0 Attachments

by ifleep
1,346 2 05/07/2021 09:02PM
Last Post by Dust

Arduino Mega Replacement

by davidcutting42
767 1 05/06/2021 09:34PM
Last Post by davidcutting42

Please Help | MKS Gen L V2.0 Error Device Not Recognized

by ifleep
1,041 5 05/03/2021 04:17AM
Last Post by Dust

MKS Gen L v1.0 + TMC2209 V3 UART problem Attachments

by Koby_88
2,575 5 03/28/2021 02:19AM
Last Post by devguy

MKS TFT35 on RADDS 1.5?

by pieri70
1,056 4 03/27/2021 09:09AM
Last Post by pieri70

Is my SSR dead?

by Claghorn
946 3 03/24/2021 05:26PM
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by Jhed
963 1 03/12/2021 11:00AM
Last Post by Jhed

SKR 1.4 5V IO Pin

by Griem
1,082 1 03/09/2021 07:11AM
Last Post by Griem

Expanding SKR 1.4 fan PWM controllers? Attachments

by Ohmarinus
3,744 4 02/16/2021 09:58AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

DIY miniature OLED controller with SPI interface. Attachments

by Blackplasma
3,326 4 02/12/2021 02:45AM
Last Post by properlypurple

MKS DLC 2.0 disconnected of TFT35 and not upgraded by USB

by asasergio
2,374 4 02/06/2021 06:19PM
Last Post by Dust

Installing a bootloader on a BIGTREETECH SKR v1.3

by Dust
13,906 7 01/20/2021 03:10PM
Last Post by GadgetAngel

BLTouch V3 Red Blinking on power up fix...

by Bartje64
12,854 2 01/15/2021 07:59PM
Last Post by oryweaver

GTR V1.0, TMC2209, Sensorless homing - Please help! Attachments

by Recoil1980
1,644 1 12/29/2020 02:47PM
Last Post by Recoil1980

Small Atmega 1280 or 2560 board with 3 stepper drivers

by JanJans
1,385 3 12/04/2020 09:33AM
Last Post by JanJans

Ultimaker replacement board

by sevs
1,393 1 12/03/2020 03:29PM
Last Post by sevs

MKS SGen V1.0 - TFT35 V1.0 Smoothieware Random Stops unrecoverable

by bbcbggr54
1,355 1 12/02/2020 10:44PM
Last Post by bbcbggr54

How To use the Gen3 Motherboard for other purposes Attachments

by jeffpark_
2,415 2 11/29/2020 06:23AM
Last Post by VDX

Controller board with bluetooth advise

by JanJans
1,467 4 11/08/2020 02:06PM
Last Post by JanJans

Rambo 1.3L stepper

by malcolmthemole
1,462 1 11/05/2020 02:20PM
Last Post by malcolmthemole

Controller board advice

by PlasmaOne
1,617 7 11/01/2020 11:28AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

mks gen 1.4 board fried and kill laptop hard drivve Attachments

by HamidSadra
1,500 1 10/26/2020 03:46PM
Last Post by HamidSadra

NPN NC Inductive Probe with SKR v1.4 Turbo? Weird Diode Stuff...

by NateR
1,885 7 10/23/2020 03:08AM
Last Post by Ohmarinus

Y-axis Sensorless Homing is not working using FYSETC TMC2209 v3.1 on SKR 1.4

by yasinzaii
2,073 1 10/16/2020 12:51AM
Last Post by yasinzaii